Formula for transformation to wealthy life lies with you

Human beings are constantly in pursuit of knowledge and busy with efforts to make life easier and happier. This goal is reached only when one closes the doors on stress, depression, fear and doubts. Not making the effort to do so will disturb the mind, which in turn disturbs the brain and subsequently the body.
Formula for transformation to wealthy life lies with you
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After all, what we possess is a brain-instructed body. Why do I say this? Because all secretions happening in the body are controlled by one powerful machine seated at the top of one’s body, the brain. The real muscle for humans is not a muscle but a well-functioning brain. To express knowledge and for every successful action of prime importance, we all have a brain and spine. 
Apart from factors that maintain the function of these two organs, they need protection above all. This protection is provided by the cerebrospinal fluid or CSF. Only this fluid protects the brain within the skull and cushions the spine and brain. It also provides nutrients to the brain and eliminates toxins from the brain. In spirituality, CSF is called as the sacred secretion, the fluid that initiates an alchemy of transformation. 
CSF secretion will be at its maximum, not by exercise, but by calm, which can be achieved only through one exercise — meditation or atma-dhyana. Meditation is not about miraculous experiences; but through it, one can bring essential changes required for good health and great  experiences in life. 
You might see no reason to meditate or get involved in spirituality, but ask yourself, “What is it that keeps CSF secretion undisturbed?” The answer is ‘happiness’ or satchitanan dam . 
So, how can one be happy all the time? First, by being free of fear, doubts, worries and anger. This effort is to be taken within yourself, not outside of you. The second secret to happiness is thankfulness — to receive what you want in life, by being happy and thankful for what you already possess. This gratitude itself initiates changes in the body and will naturally deliver you the circumstances and consequences you are expecting to experience in life. Meditation is what helps to create the condition to maintain this state of happiness. 
Realise that your health, happiness, your brain and the CSF necessary to maintain the health of the brain are interlinked through meditation. Meditation is the physical requirement to experience non-physical powers beyond consciousness, also called as vignyana bhairav. 
And the process to achieve this state is vignyana bhairav tantra. Finally, one needs a good life and to be the source of a good life for others. One’s happiness is the only requirement for this. It might be difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else. Wishing you a life of peace, success and happiness. Aham Brahmasmi!

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