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Your daily predictions April 6, 2017

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions April 6, 2017
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Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017 

Yogam: Dhuruvam 

Tamil year: Dhurmuki

Karanam: Karasai

Month & day: Panguni-24 

Rahukalam: 1.30-3 pm 

Yamakantam: 6-7.30 am 

Natchatram: Aayilyam 

Sunrise: 6.08 am 

Thithi: Dasami 

Sunset: 6.18 pm

ASWINI: Love of kids would be abundant. Expected news would pour in for your success. Avoid interacting with new workers / labourers at length. Avoid new friendships. Appreciate spouse’s move always. 

BARANI: All your works would be finished on time without hurdles. A good day indeed, with full gains on all sides. Good news from foreign countries would pour in. 

KARTHIGAI: Things would end positively after your actions. Financial conditions would get stabilised in a phased manner. Your perfection would not be known to many as yet. Wait for the correct opportunity. 

ROHINI: Misunderstandings would crop up. Avoid working fast, which would collapse at the end. Discuss with partners and sort out the issue you face today. Interact with kids and explain your next moves. 

MIRUGASEERSHAM: Some will have good returns on business today. The progress you have made in life would be appreciated by all. Financial stress is gone and you will get good gains in the evening. 

THIRUVATHIRAI: Expenses are foreseen for some people. Avoid taking ice creams today, as it would affect your health immediately. Don’t get angry over small things. Your good moves would be appreciated by all. 

PUNARPOOSAM: Deal with the things in your own style and succeed today. Keep a watchful eye on your maids / workers to avoid thefts. Deviation of your thoughts should be avoided at all cost. 

POOSAM: Reveal things to family members as and when you experience them, to avoid misunderstandings. Have a sumptuous meal at home, avoid hotels. Your health has to be taken care of. 

AAYILYAM: Confusion would prevail over petty issues. Relax and proceed with priorities only. Don’t be silent on issues which trigger provocation. Handle them in your own way. 

MAGAM: Evening would be a time to spend with family. Quarrel with siblings may be avoided and an amicable solution can be found for everyone’s goodness. Avoid double standards. 

POORAM: Take a positive approach. Avoid harshness or pointing fingers at others. Go for a ride if your feel tensed. Concentrate on your studies even if you are disturbed today. A day to be careful in everything you do. 

UTHTHIRAM: Utilise the day for sorting out deals and settling debts. The entire day would be dealt with money matters. Consult family members if you have extra ordinary doubts. Avoid speculations as much as possible. 

HASTHAM: Get help from friends and work out the best option for you. Don’t interfere in your girlfriend’s family issues. Avoid being harsh to workers. Dilemma will prevail in deciding what to get for yourself. 

CHITHIRAI: Handle your labour problem with utmost care. Family love would make you further happy. Your measured decision-making power would help you make good friends. Have a relaxed day. 

SWATHI: Health issues foreseen for some people. Business investments would fetch you good returns today. Builders can foresee new bookings of properties. A new friend would be added to your list. 

VISAGAM: Family expenses at all levels are foreseen. Take a chance to save money as much possible. Happiness would prevail at work force. Your commitments have to be taken care of. 

ANUSHAM: Some would approach you in distress. Don’t rebuff, but extend your help as much possible. Financial conditions would be stable. Expected money would flow today. 

KETTAI: Your approach to society would be appreciated by many today. Have a leisurely time with family and friends. All works would be finished in time and you can clinch all the deals. 

MOOLAM: A day of confusion would prevail. Don’t be argumentative at all times. Have a give- and- take policy to succeed in your deals today. Your calculations may go wrong today. Avoid being adamant. 

POORADAM: A day of success and happiness foreseen, as you get good news from many sources. Some of you may be in for transfers and change of place. Have a darshan of your ishta devatha before accepting the change. 

UTHRADAM: A relaxed state of mind is mandatory to succeed in today’s deal. Don’t be speculative. Have a give-and-take policy to sustain your valued friendships. 

THRUVONAM: A day of positivity. Success foreseen in all your deals. Some could face sudden health problems, which have to be taken care of. Some would establish good contacts today. Handling gadgets with care. 

AVITTAM: Some can have health issues, and could lead to hospitalisation. Some can foresee extended help from siblings and friends. Traders are advised to hold investments. Avoid speculation at all cost. 

SATHAYAM: Your strong decisions would be appreciated. Do not vacillate in your thoughts and refrain from having second thoughts. Proceed with priorities. Government help would be extended with ease. 

PURATAATHI: Happiness would prevail the entire day. Do not be argumentative. Your decisions should be quick, for it will get you more business deal. Financial burdens are on a downward trend. 

UTHIRATAATHI: Your deals are approved at all levels. Meeting scheduled shall be held for all-round improvement. Those in the media can foresee good progress. Mother’s health should be taken care of today. 

REVATHI: Dilemma will prevail while dealing with siblings’ needs. A relaxed state of mind has to be maintained the whole day. Never approach strangers for help with personal problems. Expenses on vehicles are foreseen.

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