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Your daily predictions March 25, 2017

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions March 25, 2017
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Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017 

Yogam: Saathyam 

Tamil year: Dhurmuki 

Karanam: Thaithulai 

Month & day: Panguni - 12 

Rahukalam: 9.00-10.30 am 

Yamakantam: 1.30-3.00 pm 

Natchatram: Avittam 

Sunrise: 6.13 am 

Thithi: Trayodasi 

Sunset: 6.16 pm

ASWINI: Have a back-up plan to handle additional works that pop up suddenly. Your silence on certain matters would be appreciated by all. Sudden changes in your schedules are foreseen. 

BARANI: Fulfil all the needs of family members especially the need of in-laws, which would bestow good returns in the future. Family bonding and care would be very good today. 

KARTHIGAI: Have a practical view of your opinions and don’t try to impose them on others. Care must be taken while riding your two-wheeler. Avoid clashing with co-workers and labourers. 

ROHINI: Concentrate on your entrusted works without any deviation. Avoid arguments at all cost. Listen and act. Sudden gains are foreseen. Unexpected friends would call you and place orders with you. 

MIRUGASEERSHAM: All your works would be finished on time without hurdles. Go for a fun ride with family and have dinner outside today. A good day indeed with full gains on all sides. 

THIRUVATHIRAI: Don’t be harsh to family members. Financial position would improve slowly. Try to save from now on wards. Don’t be in a hurry always. Proper planning is work half done, so plan and execute. 

PUNARPOOSAM: Avoid working in a rush, it would come undone in the end. Discuss with partners and sort out the issue you face today. Weigh your words before uttering them today. Misunderstandings would crop up. 

POOSAM: The perfection with which you progress in life would be appreciated by all. Financial stress is gone and you get good gains in the evening. A decision taken in the recent past would fetch you good returns. 

AAYILYAM: Expenses are foreseen for some people. Avoid having ice cream today, as it would affect your health immediately. Absent-mindedness prevails today. Try to put things back in the same place. 

MAGAM: Deal with issues in your own way and taste success today. Be alert today to prevent theft. Your power to control your entire family would be appreciated by all. A good day for many. 

POORAM: Avoid eating outside. Keep your family members informed of your progress to avoid misunderstandings. One of your girlfriends would visit your house and spring a surprise on you. 

UTHTHIRAM: Financial burden will make you more worried today. Get support of your spouse if needed. Take care of your personal documents when you go out today. Loss is foreseen. 

HASTHAM: Take the day for sorting out accounts and settling debts. The entire day will be spent on money matters. Speculation can be dealt with today. Try to get back your money from those you loaned it to. 

CHITHIRAI: Quarrel with siblings may be avoided and amicable solution can be found out to satisfy everyone. Avoid expenses in purchasing the same item again and again. Evening would be time to spend with family. 

SWATHI: Concentrate on studies if you are distracted today. Finish your work on time. A good friend would help you today. Avoid pointing fingers at others for your mistake. Go for a ride out if your feel tense. 

VISAGAM: Take the opportunity to show your talent and skill and get into everyone’s good books. A brisk day ahead. A surprise check by your superiors of our routine work and deals would unsettle you today. 

ANUSHAM: Don’t interfere in your girlfriend’s family issues. Avoid being harsh to colleagues. Dilemma prevails in deciding on what to buy for yourself. Get help from friends and work out the best option for you. 

KETTAI: Handle your labour problem with utmost care. Family love make you further happy. Happiness prevails the entire day. Your wise decision- making power would fetch you good friends today. 

MOOLAM: Avoid new ventures / deals with strangers. Do not waste time on social media today. A new friend would meet you. Morning would be a time to rejoice and evening would be a total mess. 

POORADAM: Spend your time with valuable friends or who are true to you. Avoid revealing personal matters to strangers. Drive carefully. Women today will have a lot of friend requests / calls from new friends. 

UTHRADAM: Builders can foresee execution of documents to buyers. Traders can hold deals till noon and proceed in the evening. Government support is full for you today. Make a list and finish all the work. 

THIRUVONAM: Financial burdens are not much today. Try to finish all documentations with your property dealings. Avoid taking sweets today. This may affect your health a little more. 

AVITTAM: Avoid last-minute rush to the venue. Be on time to get your work completed. Legal issues are foreseen today. Try to be smooth and avoid harshness with the persons you deal with. 

SATHAYAM: Don’t delay your documentations work, it could create problems later. Family disputes would make you tense. Confusion prevails totally today. Take up your priorities one by one and try to finish everything. 

PURATAATHI: Take the opportunity and proceed with finishing the schedule as planned. A friend’s call will make you happy in the evening. Someone would voluntarily meet you and help you today. 

UTHIRATAATHI: Help from various sources are at your disposal. Government help would be supportive to finish the required documentation work. All tasks will be finished easily, without any trouble. 

REVATHI: Your neighbour will understand your power. A day of relief from all sides. Tensions are gone and you can concentrate fully your work and finish on time without any hindrance. 

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