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Your daily predictions January 9, 2017

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions January 9, 2017
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Date: Monday, January 9, 2017 

Yogam: Subham 

Tamil year: Dhurmuki 

Karanam: Vanisai 

Month & day: Margazhi-25 

Rahukalam: 7.30-9.00 am 

Yamakantam: 10.30-12.00 noon 

Natchatram: Rohini 

Sunrise: 6.37 am 

Thithi: Dwadasi 

Sunset: 5.54 pm

ASWINI: Plan for a vacation and set off on a short trip with family / friends. If you are planning a change, consult your spouse and elders in the family. Change is inevitable. Your stress level would be high today.  

BARANI: Many have opportunity to meet their old girlfriend and spend time. Keep the meeting very confidential.  Unexpected and sudden entry of a stranger in all your activities today. Take care of your belongings. 

KARTHIGAI: Some would be very busy with their monthly schedules and plans. Expenses one way or the other is foreseen for many. Some have the opportunity to visit their family and kids in far- off places.  

ROHINI: Kids requirements are fulfilled. A good day indeed. The one special work you undertake today would be a success, as expected. Don’t be harsh. Avoid being in two minds. Good news from family likely.  

MIRUGASEERSHAM: Many have the opportunity to mingle with siblings and their family. Some of you have to be extra careful while driving today. Heavy expenditure today on travel / bookings / pilgrimage for some. 

THIRUVATHIRAI: Be careful with your words, as they would go always against you and create problems. Mind your commitments today at all cost. Turbulence is foreseen in many areas of your life today. 

PUNARPOOSAM: Family outing would happen for some people. A day of tension for many. Total confusion prevails on work front and delays are foreseen. Evening would bring some good news from colleagues.  

POOSAM: Some have good returns on business and good news in the evening. Plan all your important meetings to evening to benefit well. Morning confusion ends by evening. All will be smooth. 

AAYILYAM: Don’t be frank with your labourers / workers / colleagues. Take care while driving.  Hidden enemies are looking to provoke you. Be wary, and maintain secrecy over your doings today.  

MAGAM: Keep an eye over your kids activities. Siblings would create trouble. Avoid heated exchanges during discussions. Avoid striking a deal or agreement today. Expenses are doubled. A day to be cautious. 

POORAM: Some have good dealings with government / established firms. A day of mixed results. Think twice before you put your ideas into action. Work would be a repetitive process.  

UTHTHIRAM: Social media contacts would appreciate the efforts you put in. Family bonding is also good today.  A day to get name and fame. You would be recognised for your valuable service by many.  

HASTHAM: Many will have good business dealings today at noon. Evening would be one big rush. Changes are inevitable. Get ready for the change and accept the beneficial aspects of it. 

CHITHIRAI: Never get back to past situations. March forward towards your goal. Parents would be supportive of your endeavours. Your commitment to society / business is being watched closely.  

SWATHI: A situation of dilemma prevails. Drive carefully today. You must satisfy kids needs today. Double check before you execute your work today. Some may try to distract you or put a spoke in your wheel. 

VISAGAM: Dealings with property will have a smooth run.  Legal proceedings would come to an end.  Total gains are foreseen for businessmen and traders.  Office / governments support is totally favourable for many. 

ANUSHAM: Neighbours would create troubles over petty issues. Take care while driving today. Be watchful in your dealings with women today. It should be handled with proper care and sensitivity.

KETTAI: Legal proceedings would prolong. Normal routines are hampered. A cat on the wall situation today for many today. Decisions would be kept in abeyance. Kids love is good with your siblings.

MOOLAM: Keep your priorities on track today. Morning would be a mess. Have a great day, while your spouse is out of station today. Some would have great time with friends, and lunch at a place of their choice.  

POORADAM: Health has to be taken care of. Those with hormone issues should consult a physician at once.   Kids would bring you good news. Commitments are met due to your special ability.

UTHRADAM: Don’t push your ideas today, as it would work against you.  Accept siblings request and help them in time.  Take guidance from elders and finish pending work with ease. 

THIRUVONAM: Hectic schedule ahead of you today. Don’t forget to finish the work on time, else you would be blamed in future. Sudden changes in work likely even as new responsibilities pop up. 

AVITTAM: Great news. You are honoured for your work today. Family’s love and affection would be more today.  Happiness prevails the whole day. Plenty of good news would start pouring in from morning.  

SATHAYAM: Your decisions on your work are on the right track, but delayed due to planetary impacts. Some sort of disturbance and troubles are foreseen.  Kids have special time with you. Don’t be harsh to anyone. 

PURATAATHI: A surgery fixed for some of you would be postponed.  Today you are benefitted by enemies.  A day of good bonding and friendship. Some of you would experience problem in the eye. 

UTHIRATAATHI: Some would have a friendly meeting with ex- girlfriends. A happy day indeed. Love prevails high today.  Engagement date and wedding time will be fixed for those of you waiting to get hitched. 

REVATHI: You have to stay back after office hours to finish your day’s target and report to head office.  Partners would pressurise you on this today. Evening would be a troubled time on business / work fronts.

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