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Your daily predictions December 14, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions December 14, 2016
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Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2016 

Yogam: Subham 

Tamil year: Dhurmuki 

Karanam: Baalavam 

Month & day: Karthigai-29 

Rahukalam: 12.00-1.30pm 

Yamakantam: 7.30-9.00am 

Natchatram: Mrugaseersham

Sunrise: 6.21 am 

Thithi: Prathamai  

Sunset: 5.39pm

ASWINI: A day of happiness with friends and family. Take care while driving. Expenses on vehicle foreseen.  Don’t argue with spouse and family members. Good news likely soon.   

BARANI: All things will go as planned without any hurdles.  A day full of happiness. Rejoice but take care, indigestion could trouble you. Take care of your gadgets. A long distance call would make you happy. 

KARTHIGAI: Siblings would trouble you in one way or the other. Take care of health. Good news likely today. Take care while driving.  New friends would help you organise events / programmes.  

ROHINI: Visit a local temple to obtain mind peace. Don’t be harsh. Avoid commitments today. Confusion prevails whole day as you will keep changing your mind. Avoid long distance travel.   

MIRUGASEERSHAM: Unknown enemies can’t affect you. A good path is ahead on all your business ventures. Today’s official meeting would end in chaos. Success in all ventures foreseen.  Keep your documents in clear order.  

THIRUVATHIRAI: It’s time to raise your voice at the right time, so that you are cleared of indulging in suspicious activities.  But be polite always. Make your point clearly when you get a chance. Don’t wait for second opportunity.  

PUNARPOOSAM: Finish all your day’s priorities ahead of schedule and avoid trouble. Take care of your health today.  Troubles / hindrances at work and business foreseen in the evening. 

POOSAM: Sudden changes will hamper / confuse your planned schedules. Fix time with a friend to set right property issues.  Mother’s health would be stable.  Happy times prevail in the evening. 

AAYILYAM: Some of you would have sudden changes / new ventures cropping up in the morning.  Some people would spend their time with parents and find happiness with family members.

MAGAM: You are about to be caught red handed today. Don’t blurt out things due to tension. Drive vigilantly. A day to be totally watchful in all that you do. Keep all your documents safe.   

POORAM: Some litigations against you would crop up.  Neighbours would help sort out the litigation. Expenses in some form or the other is foreseen. Don’t be harsh with police personnel today.   

UTHTHIRAM: Parental blessings and guidance is advised today in order to succeed in your endeavours / deals.  What you expected today would be in hand.  Check documents thoroughly before signing any documents. 

HASTHAM: Some would have change of thought due to tensions today. Don’t be in a rush. Do not accept new works / or deals as they would be a nightmare.  Don’t take a drastic decision on other’s affairs.   

CHITHIRAI: Few have to be on their toes due to legal proceedings which will drag on till evening. Family bonding is good. Some would settle property disputes with the support of siblings and family members.  

SWATHI: Some of you would ink a new business development deal. Some may have new assignments at work. An apt day to implement all your decisions. Try new ventures only after 4pm today. 

VISAGAM: Coast through the day with regular schedules. Siblings would extend hand a helping hand in time.  Control your emotions and anger. Some would come and salute your respect for them.   

ANUSHAM: Don’t argue with higher officials and burn your bridges. Have full control over kids move. Quarrel with family members foreseen. Evening would be a time to rejoice with friends and family.   

KETTAI: Never give room to second thoughts.  Enemies would try to provoke you. Plan a trip with family members. Financial position is stable. Today’s meeting would end in success. 

MOOLAM: Things which expected to receive would be delayed.  Kids would love to spend more time with you.  A day of dilemma / confusion would prevail.  Some of you would worry over financial lock-up.  

POORADAM: All your secrets would be revealed and you are caught red handed over a secret affair.  Don’t reveal anything to strangers. Keep a control over the level of your friendship with a stranger.   

UTHRADAM: Things that are destined to happen would happen at the right time and place. Don’t hurry.  A day to maintain absolute silence. Don’t be harsh with your sub-ordinates / labourers or with your partners. 

THIRUVONAM: It’s entirely good to proceed with your decisions. Troubles from siblings foreseen.  Transfer orders / work orders issued to you should be accepted and re-locate for the better.  Drive carefully. 

AVITTAM: Another feather in the cap for your dedication and concern. Family members celebrate this proud moment. Your commitment, professionalism and business ethics are appreciated by seniors.  

SATHAYAM: You would be up to your neck in expenses with no way of avoiding them. Proceed with caution and hold on for couple of days.  Keep a check on your expenses and financial balance.  

PURATAATHI: A day of double gains in business and deals. Also, a new ventures has to be carefully handled due to pending decisions. Women would succeed in purchasing items they had been wanting to buy.   

UTHIRATAATHI: A day of ultimate gains on all sides.  Some would have transfers / changes at workplace.  Some can expect a dramatic change in family situations with good news pouring in. Indeed, a good day for you. 

REVATHI: Don’t make any commitment today, as it would result in chaos. A tried and tested idea for business would fetch you good returns and you would spend the day rejoicing with family and friends.  

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