Your daily predictions November 5, 2016

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Your daily predictions November 5, 2016
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Date: Saturday, November 5, 2016 
Yogam: Dhuruvam 
Tamil year: Dhurmuki 
Karanam: Bhalavam 
Month & day: Ayippasi-20 
Rahukalam: 9.00-10.30 am 
Yamakantam: 1.30-3.00pm 
Natchatram: Puraadam 
Sunrise: 6.06 am 
Thithi: Sashti  
Sunset: 5.39 pm
ASWINI: Government support would be favourable. Grab the opportunity. The network of contacts you painstakingly built with top officials and firms would fetch you good results soon. 
BARANI: You will think of postponing a good thing due to some inner fear. Be bold. You will be mentally agitated the whole day. Accept the changes to your plans and be at peace. 
KARTHIGAI: There is possibility of losing money to a pickpocket today Drive carefully. Some of your best friends would provoke you on minor issues. Have a frank discussion and sort out the issues with them. 
ROHINI: Some of you could develop a heart problem. Seek the correct specialist. Luck prevails today. Some have opportunity to meet top officials and seek their help. Positive signs today. 
MIRUGASEERSHAM: Some sort of a dilemma prevents you from taking the right 
decision. Things improve by evening  A cat on the wall situation prevails the entire day. Parents’ health needs attention.  
THIRUVATHIRAI: You can chalk out your tour program with family members today. Gains through kids are foreseen. Their extra curricular activities will be appreciated by many. Bask in the glory. 
PUNARPOOSAM: Minor turbulence. Control your emotions and proceed with normal daily routine. Take care of your health first. Don’t get agitated over petty issues. Relatives would throng your home for a vacation. 
POOSAM: All things are favourable today. Gains are foreseen. Some of you will make excellent contacts. Happiness prevails the whole day with family, friends and business people.  
AAYILYAM: Tackle the current problem smartly and move on in life. Don’t get distracted from your work. Some bad news is likely to hit you today. Be prepared.  
MAGAM: Seek the help of officials if necessary, through your personal rapport. Your government contracts would fetch good results. Extend help to friends or family if it is sought. 
POORAM: Do not compromise on your priorities. Proceed as scheduled today. Gains foreseen for your family. A hike in salary is likely. Good news from overseas indicated. 
UTHTHIRAM: Expenses foreseen. A day of mixed results. You may have to reschedule all your work. Some good news is possible, but it may not materialise. Focus on your work, always. 
HASTHAM: Good chance  of change in job prospects. New opportunities would come knocking. Do not keep changing your mind often. Make a wise decision bearing in mind your future. 
CHITHIRAI: Make  sure you get the necessary permits and authorisation letters signed today. Women could face some hurdles at  work. Government officials will be helpful. Some good  signs. 
SWATHI: Keep meticulous accounts, including cash deals if any, in order to get a clean chit from everyone. Some hurdles foreseen. But partners would extend their full support and help to sort out the problems. 
VISAGAM: It’s time you relaxed and spent time with family and friends. Share the good things that have happened to you  with your family members. Good news on your health.  
ANUSHAM: You will hit the nail on the head in all your deals today, fetching you a good name and hefty returns in business. An enjoyable dinner is on the cards. You will vanquish your enemies. 
KETTAI: You can count on your mother’s support always. You will succeed in all your ventures Don’t brush aside parental advice, it will do you good,  always. Evening is the time to relax.
MOOLAM: All help from spouse and friends would be extended to you without any pre-condition. Have a safe drive today. Your troubles will slowly vanish, and you will see good results in a couple of days. 
POORADAM: They can be in trouble if not handled properly. Plenty of things can go wrong. Work with caution. Keep an eye on kids movements today. Social media contacts should be avoided. 
UTHRADAM: Unexpected expenses at workplace today. A meeting schedule for noon would be postponed. Money will run through your fingers today, beware. Assess your priorities. 
THIRUVONAM: Wedding bells will ring shortly, for some. Women can expect all round happiness today. All that was out of reach will be within your grasp today. Make the most of it.   
AVITTAM: Avoid other people’s ideas and proceed with your own thoughts for success. Some misunderstanding with siblings foreseen in family functions. However, spouse’s family will broker peace. 
SATHAYAM: Government support would be helpful in all your business dealings. Kids love is abundant today. A day of utter confusion. Everything would be delayed one way or the other. Be patient. 
PURATAATHI: A day to rejoice and cherish.  Earnings from all quarters foreseen. Some have opportunity to establish contacts with foreign countries on their business deals. Unexpected monetary gains foreseen.   
UTHIRATAATHI: Family bonding is good, Some of you would on a pilgrimage.  Students will shine in studies. Help from women is assured. You merely have to finish your work on a priority basis, in order to relax. 
REVATHI: Avoid driving any vehicle today. Parents blessings would be an added bonus in your deals. Control your emotions and anger. You could suffer a small, financial loss. 

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