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Your daily predictions October 6, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions October 6, 2016
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Date: Thursday, October 6, 2016 

Yogam: Aayushman 

Tamil year: Dhurmukhi 

Karanam: Bhalavam 

Month & day: Purattasi-20 

Rahukalam: 1.30-3 pm 

Yamakantam: 6.00-7.30 am 

Natchatram: Anusham 

Sunrise: 6.01 am 

Thithi: Panchami 

Sunset: 6.35 pm

ASWINI: Confusion would prevail in taking a strong decision on family matters. Some may face minor health issues today. Consult your physician and get relief. Kids will extend their love. 

BARANI: Gains from girlfriends / women folk is expected today. Get the right help from the right girl and finish all your pending tasks. A new girlfriend on social media would make you happy. 

KARTHIGAI: Over two hours of tension in the morning would hamper your schedule. Be patient and focus on sorting out the issues by using your instinct. Refrain from driving your two-wheeler rashly. 

ROHINI: Hip pain would trouble you a lot. Don’t struggle much with your schedules. Some is there to help you out and take care of you. Sit back and relax your karma today. Kids love is abundant today. 

MIRUGASEERSHAM: A day of ultimate gains from all sides. Complete your tasks without any delay. Some may see sudden cash flow in the evening. Try to go with your friends idea’s and make them happy. 

THIRUVATHIRAI: Utter confusion prevails in work execution. Do not attempt to finish the second task before completing the first. Remember your family situation and act wisely. Do not blame others for your mistakes. 

PUNARPOOSAM: Avoid revealing family issues to your friends. Instead, help out those who visit you today with your special status and power. New jobs and better prospects foreseen for some. Drive carefully. 

POOSAM: Do not waste time in recalling past incidents. This would only affect your health. You have to wait patiently for some more months to see success in your property currently under litigations. 

AAYILYAM: Government help is foreseen for some. Take care while driving today. You may face anxious moments over your financial position till month end. Plan your business modality before start of next month. 

MAGAM: Hold your opinion on others, and don’t criticise anyone’s moves. Keep a watch over your belongings. Financial constraints would not trouble you much today. A friend would extend a helping hand. 

POORAM: Real friends would be there for you, and you are likely un-friend some from your list. Your quiet move on all tricky aspects would be appreciated. Government support would be both immense and smooth. 

UTHTHIRAM: All things are favourable for you today after two days of tension. Reschedule all the priorities things. Everything would go smoothly, without hurdles. You can bank on family support for your ventures. 

HASTHAM: Confusion may prevail till noon. By evening everything will be fine, and hurdles will vanish. Do not lend money to unknown people even if pressurised by others. 

CHITHIRAI: Some may have to run from pillar to post to get hold of important details. Your efforts today may go in vain. Government support is not favourable. Hold on to your plans for one more day. 

SWATHI: Hidden enemies are gone and some would get favourable results on all deals today. Traders would get lump-sum amount for their business in advance. Builders may get advance for their real estate deals.

VISAGAM: Take care of family today and fulfil all their requirements. Do not try to pacify them mindlessly. Kids would try to move out due to burning issues at family. A day to be handled with utmost care and vigil.

ANUSHAM: Some will face troubles from friends and co-workers. A friend of you would try to provoke you. Beware. You can foresee financial gains from various sources. However, avoid speculations today.

KETTAI: Change of place is foreseen today. Some may undertake long distance travel with family and friends. Change in place of residence likely for some. Financial position is strong and stable. 

MOOLAM: Health has to be taken care of today. While some face difficulty in deciding policy matters, consultation with elders in the family is mandatory. A little fight with spouse at home is likely, beware. 

POORADAM: You would be consulted for your opinion on any transfer policy / changes in schedules or meetings. Today’s meet would be a successful one in terms of financial stability. Take care while driving. 

UTHRADAM: It will be a hectic day from morning till noon. Surprises would pour in from all sides in the evening. Prepone and complete all tasks. Take special care of your documents and handbag. 

THIRUVONAM: Happiness would prevail through the day. Some may incur family expenses on unavoidable purchases. Do not neglect children’s wishes. Go shopping with them and enjoy the day. 

AVITTAM: Your long distance trip would fetch you some relief from stress and tensions. You would be back to power as desired by all. Never take a harsh decision on family issues. Government support is favourable.

SATHAYAM: Some can see financial gains from family property. Never forget the promises given to your spouse’s relatives. Try to help them out without any expectations. Family support is good today.

PURATAATHI: Never try to furnish false documents to the government. Take all necessary and proper documents with sufficient copies and submit as required. You will then succeed in all your deals. 

UTHIRATAATHI: Yesterday’s plan would be implemented today without any trouble. Finish it on time without getting distracted. Two of your friends would be supportive today by all means.

REVATHI: Success is foreseen in all your deals today. Keep track of your expenses, which will be alarmingly high. Some sudden gains would pour in. One of your friends would volunteer to help you out.

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