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Your daily predictions September 17, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G. Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions September 17, 2016
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Date: Saturday, September 17, 2016 

Yogam: Khantam 

Tamil year: Dhurmuki 

Karanam: Baalava  

Month & day: Purattasi-01 

Rahukalam: 9.00-10.30 am 

Yamakantam: 1.30-3.00 pm 

Natchatram: Uthirattathi 

Sunrise: 6.01 am 

Thithi: Prathamai 

Sunset: 6.06 pm

ASWINI: You may be easily distracted today. Be wary of cheats, smooth talkers and others trying to take up your time and resources. A day of tension; you should rein in your temper.  

BARANI: Planning well for kids’ education of kids is of utmost importance. Your savings will help defray the expenses of the day. You may need to make some concrete decisions in your life.  

KARTHIGAI: Work proceeds apace with no hindrances foreseen. Kids may pester you for some unnecessary purchases. Your spouse is supportive; his or her help is very useful when disciplining the kids.  

ROHINI: Go ahead without fear in all that you have to achieve today. Success is yours.  Avoid revisiting the past or dwelling on your mistakes. Enjoy the present moment. It’s a day full of gains.  

MIRUGASEERSHAM: Some sort of health issue may arise. The day has its share of ups and downs. A change of job / place is foreseen. It could be something you have initiated or something that comes out of the blue.  

THIRUVATHIRAI: Today you will be able to identify the negative influences in your life and steer clear of them. There is relief from a huge burden. Enemies/ trouble makers are no longer anywhere in sight.  

PUNARPOOSAM: Do not push colleagues or subordinates to perform. Adopt a give-and-take policy. Disputes over a piece of parental property will be sorted out; everything will be equally shared.  

POOSAM: Don’t involve yourself in any property issues today – or it could lead to legal tangles. Make a well thought out decision about life / kids / property. This will help you in the future. 

AAYILYAM: Your foresight and decisiveness are very welcome and you have reason to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours. You will put thoughts into action and enhance your reputation for reliability. 

MAGAM: You will have someone to share old memories with and a day full of happiness will unfold. You may have a windfall. A few of your friends may suggest a spur-of the-moment meet-up. 

POORAM: You may be busy multitasking. Concentrate on one thing at a time for a feeling of accomplishment. Take care of your health. Drive carefully: a mishap is on the cards. 

UTHTHIRAM: A long pending case may be settled today without any trouble and you feel at ease. Enjoy the day. You may want to eat sweets today, a desire that you may fulfil yourself or someone else may do so. 

HASTHAM: Romance may lead to secrecy: and that’s not the best way to have a nice time, if you are constantly worrying about who is looking at you. Tension is foreseen. Stay home, calm yourself  down.  

CHITHIRAI: Your bestie will call you.  A dilemma may present itself. You have to take a tough decision and you should do it sooner rather than later. 

SWATHI: Proceed as decided earlier and turn a deaf ear to others’ comments and ideas. Avoid heated exchanges at home. An unnecessary change of decision will crop up and spoil your schedule.  

VISAGAM: Saints’ blessings, temple visits and darshan will keep you feeling fulfilled. It’s a good day to make a donation. You will have peace of mind.  

ANUSHAM: Good friends come to your aid. Your gadgets and devices may not be too reliable today. Make sure that financial commitments made are foolproof. Stay alert at work as a negative influence may be afoot. 

KETTAI: Financial help will be extended to you for your generosity. There is a positive planetary influence at work that helps you overcome difficulties with ease. A day of peace.  

MOOLAM: Eat healthy, home cooked food. A health problem may occur. Hydrate yourself, lead an active and sensible lifestyle, making sure you incorporate some exercise into your day.  

POORADAM: If marital relations have been strained, there is a likelihood of a separation taking place. Be watchful of your tongue or may say more than you should and regret it.  

UTHRADAM: Avoid fair-weather friends, even though they seem to make you happy with their extravagant ways and show of support. What looks like a friendship may turn into litigation. 

THRUVONAM: Siblings will need your help financially. It’s a great day for a celebration. You will be the person in demand today as your decisiveness keeps all potential problems at bay.  

AVITTAM: Beware of colleagues who may try and create trouble for you with the management. The first half of the day is peaceful, the second half involves situations that need sorting out. 

SATHAYAM: Work to complete tasks that you have committed to; don’t try to attain the impossible by spreading yourself too thin and then not fulfilling your priorities. 

PURATAATHI: Don’t sign important documents during the first half of the day. Stay home in the evening; solitude has its uses. A good opportunity may come to you.  

UTHIRATAATHI: Tension prevails during the day. You may have to bide your time for circumstances to become more favourable. Property may yield you gains.  

REVATHI: Make the right choices and you will be a winner today. Your bold and wise decision will be appreciated by everyone. You will fulfil all your responsibilities without tension or dependence on others. 

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