Your daily predictions August 5, 2016

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Your daily predictions August 5, 2016
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Date: Friday, August 5, 2016 
Yogam: Pareegam 
Tamil year: Dhurmuki 
Karanam: Baalavam  
Month & day: Aadi-21 
Rahukalam:  10.30 am - 12 noon 
Yamakantam: 3 pm – 4 pm 
Natchatram: Pooram  
Sunrise: 5.58 am 
Thithi: Trithiyai 
Sunset: 6.30 pm
ASWINI: Keep an eye on your belongings and drive carefully.  Good day for new ventures in business and spending time with family. 
BARANI: Official work will not see any hurdles and your efforts will be identified. Things will progress smoothly through the day.  
KARTHIGAI: Unexpected work in the evening might affect your schedule. Do not get worried and deal with it practically. Keep a track on all expenses made for official or personal reasons. 
ROHINI: Parents’ advice will come in handy while moving in to a new place. Speak out when you have to and take good care of your health.  
MIRUGASEERSHAM: Stay safe while driving. Troubles with siblings foreseen on property issues. Deal with it calmly.  
THIRUVATHIRAI: Do not invest in stock market. Family would support you in any venture and help in all ways.  Businessmen will shine today on trade deals. Good luck is foreseen. 
PUNARPOOSAM: Deal with troubles in a straightforward and honest way. Some misunderstanding might lead to a fight in the family. 
POOSAM: You might have to shell out some money to fix your vehicle. A dear friend will bail you out of a bad situation today.  
AAYILYAM: Some might get transfers to a preferred place. Pack things and get ready for the change. There might be some confusion in financial dealings. Take support of the right friend and solve the issue.  
MAGAM: An incident might cause some unexpected changes. Accept and move on. Good day to spend time in public spaces with family.    
POORAM: Be vary of how much and what you spend on. Make sure to save wherever possible and avoid unnecessary expenses.  Deal with negativity calmly and move on. Avoid sleeping in the afternoon. Expenses in one way or the other would queue up and cause distress.  
UTHTHIRAM: Sudden monetary loss is foreseen for some. Changes in path of life can be made today.  Spouse would urge to have a long distance travel. Good day to dine out or catch a movie with friends and family. 
HASTHAM: An unexpected development might cause some discomfort. Do not take hasty decisions. Handle with care and patience. Be careful of what of you say and comment. Some trouble with colleagues expected. Deal with it practically and calmly.  
CHITHIRAI: Save money as and when possible. A mix of positive and negative developments expected. Results in endeavours taken up might be mixed as well. Avoid long distance travels and take care of your health. Good day to spend quality time with family.     
SWATHI: Good day for trade and positive outcome is expected from new deals. Good day for an outing with family. Extra income expected. Make wise and well thought-out decisions in domestic and official issues. 
VISAGAM: Avoid deviation of thoughts. Good day to befriend someone on social media. Avoid partying. Unexpected changes at workplace.  
ANUSHAM: Finish any official project or assignment and do not postpone it. A pleasant proposal might knock your door today. Analyse it well and accept the one most suitable to your living condition.  
KETTAI: Accept the changes that occur and move on. Don’t intervene in others’ personal affairs. Family love and support would be abundant. Control your anger and emotions today. Keep up to your commitments made and never deviate.  
MOOLAM: Support is expected from the government in one form or the other. A very positive day free of troubles, both personally and otherwise. Handle your workers with their requirements. 
POORADAM: Legal proceedings would be delayed and cause a bit of trouble. Family might be worried because of some negativity. A day of not so favourable situations. Approach and move on with care. 
UTHRADAM: Good day to apply for transfer of job location and move to the place of your choice. Positive outcome in new endeavours. Good support expected from family and friends in terms of professional endeavours. 
THIRUVONAM: Analyse and work with care on your accounting documents.  Confusion might prevail in some of your decisions. Do not try to sign documents without getting full details of the same. Evening would be pleasant.  
AVITTAM: Your efficieny would be appreciated. Keep track on your expenses. Good gains are foreseen today. Some would make a drastic change in their decisions and make things progress on the right track. 
SATHAYAM: Family members and friends would support any deal you take up today. Never lose your temperament. Finish your work as and when required and stay relaxed.  
PURATAATHI: Stay relaxed and forego changes. Take a trip to visit the temple with family. Confusion would prevail in taking decisions on the business side. Seek family’s support and opinion on the same. 
UTHIRATAATHI: Good day to buy a new vehicle. There might be a fight or disagreement with your siblings due to a small misunderstanding. Sort it out with the help of elders in the family. 
REVATHI: Do not delve on past mishaps and waste your time on it. Look ahead and move on with a positive approach. Good day to relax and spend time with family. 

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