Your daily predictions August 4, 2016

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Your daily predictions August 4, 2016
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Date: Thursday, August 4, 2016 
Yogam: Variyaan 
Tamil year: Dhurmuki 
Karanam: Baalavam  
Month & day: Aadi-20 
Rahukalam:  1.30 pm – 3 pm 
Yamakantam: 6  am – 7.30 am 
Natchatram: Makham  
Sunrise: 5.58 am 
Thithi: Dwithiyai 
Sunset: 6.31 pm
ASWINI: You may encounter some troubles at work from 4 pm onwards. So finish the day’s important work early in the day.  Take care of your health.  
BARANI: Uphold the family’s trust, keep a watch on expenses. You may strike up a friendship with a member of the opposite sex.  A secret affair may have repercussions. 
KARTHIGAI: You may have sudden changes in agenda or new ventures needing attention in the morning.  Some of you will get extended time to spend with parents and find happiness in the company of family members. 
ROHINI: Some of you may have a change of plan due to tensions at work.  Don’t poke your nose in the personal affairs of colleagues.  Avoid haste and do not accept new projects at the moment.  
MIRUGASEERSHAM: You will be busy if some legal proceedings drag on till evening.  Family bonding is good.  You may arrive at a property settlement with the support of siblings and family members.  
THIRUVATHIRAI: Some of you will sign a new deal that will help your business grow. You can expect new assignments to come to you.  A good day for all your decisions to be implemented.  Try new ventures after 4 pm today.  
PUNARPOOSAM: What you expect to arrive on time will get delayed.  Kids will love to spend time with you.  A day of indecision prevails.  You may be concerned about a financial situation.   
POOSAM: Don’t reveal too much to a new contact or acquaintance. They may not be the kind with whom you want an enduring friendship. A secret fling may get out of hand.   
AAYILYAM: You can’t rush a situation or expect a result before the time is right. Don’t make haste. It’s a day to maintain total discretion.  Don’t be harsh on colleagues.  
MAGAM: Don’t be furtive or unprofessional as you will be caught.  Don’t disturb existing arrangements due to tension or stress. Be alert at the wheel. Keep all your documents in safe custody.  
POORAM: You could be involved in a legal matter.  Neighbours will help you sort it out. You will be incurring expenses by some means or other.  Don’t be hasty or brash when dealing with government officials. 
UTHTHIRAM: Politeness can go a long way.  Work will be delayed due to a financial crunch.  What you expect today will be available in hand.  Do a thorough check before signing any documents.  
HASTHAM: Women may be bitten by the shopping bug.  You will make many gains in business. If new ventures are on the cards, you need to tread carefully as decisions are still pending. 
CHITHIRAI: You will receive good news on a family matter that completely changes the outlook for you.  You will reap gains on all fronts.  You may be transferred or encounter other changes at work.  
SWATHI: A well worn idea for the business could be the source of good returns. Friends and family members will bring you good news.  You will spend happy moments with the family.  
VISAGAM: You should accept transfer orders gladly: the change may do you good.  Drive carefully. Some members of the family may act oppositional.  
ANUSHAM: You will earn recognition for your dedication to work. Seniors in the department will appreciate you whole-heartedly.  Family members will celebrate the proud moment.   
KETTAI: You may be up to your neck in expenses: so you need to tighten the belt. Keep up the momentum at work, but hold off taking a decision for a couple of days.  
MOOLAM: Take the day as it comes; keep to regular schedules.  Siblings will extend a hand of support in time.  Control your emotions and anger.  People will appreciate your respectful approach.  
POORADAM: Never indulge in arguments with officials: you could get your fingers burnt.  Keep a watch on kids’ activities. Quarrels with family members may occur.  The evening is joyous.  
UTHRADAM: Your finances are stable.  Today’s meeting will go well.  You have to visit the temple of your kuladevata and make an offering.  Plan a trip with the entire family.  
THIRUVONAM: Avoid long distance travel.  Take a trip locally; visit a temple for peace of mind.  Don’t give in to harsh words. Avoid making any commitments today.  Confusion prevails due to sudden changes of mind.  
AVITTAM: Keep your documents ready.  Hidden enemies are away and a good path is ahead in all your business ventures.  Today’s meeting could end in chaos.  Success in all ventures is foreseen.  
SATHAYAM: It’s time to speak up; if an office matter needs clarification and you are being wrongly targeted, you need to seize the chance. Don’t wait for another opportunity to do this.   
PURATAATHI:  Give your vehicle a thorough check.  Don’t argue with the spouse and family members.    A day of happiness with friends and family.  Good news is likely. 
UTHIRATAATHI: Everything on your agenda gets done without any hurdles.  Avoid eating out.  Indigestion could trouble you. You may be part of a celebration. Take care of a costly mobile. 
REVATHI: Embark on your own ideas and attain success.  Good days are ahead. Your decisiveness and will power will keep you going in times of trouble. Family support is immense.

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