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Your daily predictions February 3, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher Krishnan Balaa, Founder, ASTRO Trust (Astrological Science Teaching and Research Organisation)

Your daily predictions February 3, 2016
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Today’s  Almanac

Day : Wednesday, 3.2.2016 

Thithi : Krishna Paksham Dhasami (till Thursday 1:06am)  

Nakshatram : Anusham (till 6:08 pm; thereafter Kettai) 

Yogam : Thuruvam

Karanam :  Vanisai  

Raghu Kaalam :  12 pm (noon) to 1.30 pm 

Yema Kantam : 7.30 am to 9 am 

Subha Horai : 9 am to 10 am; 1.30 to 3 pm; 4 pm to 5 pm; 7 pm to 10 pm; and 11 pm to 12 am (midnight)

ASHWINI: Care is needed if travelling or handling tools or metal objects. Don’t take up a risky enterprise; await other opportunities. Attend a spiritual discourse or visit a temple. 

BHARANI: A favourable day for a pleasant journey or making money. Your spouse may take control of responsibilities to ease your burdens. You enjoy good health and financial security. 

KARTHIGAI: You will work hard for others’ welfare. Enemies may try to weaken your position. Romance has to be handled with care. 

ROHINI: A favourable day for travel, meeting friends and money. Health is good and the efforts you make will usher in good financial returns. You will plan a long journey which will turn out successful. 

MRIGASEERISHAM: You may lose a close associate’s friendship. You may fall sick. Avoid travelling and stress.

ARUDRA: You need to watch what you say or you may antagonise close associates. You may feel exhausted after a long journey. Returns on an investment may take some time. 

PUNARVASU: You feel confident enough to meet all obstacles head-on. It’s a favourable day at work, with new job opportunities foreseen. Money flows in, helping you enjoy a certain level of material comfort. 

POOSAM: Money will come through close relatives and associates. A happy occasion is predicted either at work or at home. You may finalise a property deal today. 

AAYILYAM: A lucky day for money. You will undertake a new responsibility that furthers your professional prospects. Shake off any lethargy you may feel and visit a temple for inspiration and divine grace.

MAGHAM: Your physical fitness needs attention. Enemies may be lining up an offensive strategy; somebody close to you may not be acting in your interest. Your health may cause some worry.     

POORAM: It’s a lucky day. Your spouse may bring some news that benefits the entire family. You could strike a successful land deal or buy a vehicle. 

UTHTHIRAM: Today is a day of hard work and meagre gains. You may receive some good news from a government authority or other local body regarding an application. A judgement in a land matter may get postponed. 

HASTHAM: A favourable day for money, shopping and travel plans. You will get involved in a new business venture. Take care of your health. 

CHITHRA: Be aware of a negative influence today. You may be involved in a small dispute with your spouse and feel insulted. Restrict your anger and expectations and visit a temple. 

SWATHI: What you are expecting may not work out today. An acquaintance may come with a proposal that calls for investment. Visit a temple; pray for good tidings and good decisions. 

VISHAKAM: You will collaborate with close relatives to discuss a money matter. Avoid raking up arguments with your spouse. Don’t make promises about money nor sign any agreement. 

ANUSHAM: A day free from troubles. You will feel relaxed. Money matters may preoccupy you. 

KETTAI: You will feel relief from pressures and your confidence is restored. Money comes in and helps fund purchases and business activities. You will enjoy an evening out with your family. 

MOOLAM: Travel plans, health and money need proper care. Don’t talk too freely about personal matters with all and sundry. Keep patient and visit temples. 

POORADAM: A family member who has been sick makes a recovery. It’s a day when you feel secure in all respects. Mutual support and cooperation from your spouse are highlighted. 

UTHTHIRAADAM: Your hard work is sustained and resultoriented. Avoid holding on to too many expectations. You may contract a skin ailment. 

TIRUVONAM: It’s a favourable day for discussing a pending matter or planning a business deal. Finances improve and you are able to move ahead with business plans. Strict follow-up and quick decisions bring success.

AVITTAM: Don’t be in a hurry to close a land deal: it could lead to losses. You may have to wait a while for results to materialise. Visit a temple and keep patient. 

SATHAYAM: Don’t expect sudden gains to occur. You may share your anxiety with a friend. You may do some social work for inner satisfaction. 

POORATTAADHI: Your confidence powers your success. A stable financial state helps you aim to achieve more. Your spouse will bring some good news regarding a visit abroad. 

UTHTHIRATTAADHI: It’s a favourable day for visiting a temple, taking care of your health and closing a deal. You may achieve the results you have been awaiting. Other objectives may get postponed. 

REVATHY: A lucky and favourable day all-round. Trade and the share market bring you significant gains. Children’s studies, good health and overall progress makes you happy.

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