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Your daily predictions January 29, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher Krishnan Balaa, Founder, ASTRO Trust (Astrological Science Teaching and Research Organisation)

Your daily predictions January 29, 2016
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Today’s  Almanac

Day :  Friday, 29.1.2016 

Thithi :  Krishnan Paksham Panchami  (till 2.24 pm; thereafter Shashti)

Nakshatram  :  Hastham (whole day) 

Yogam :  Sugarmam; 

Karanam :  Thaithulam                         

Raghu Kaalam :  10:30 am to 12 noon 

Yema Kantam :  3 pm to 4:30 pm 

Subha Horai :  6 am to 9 am;  1 pm to 1:30 pm; 5 pm to  6 pm; 8 pm to 9 pm   and  10:30 pm to 11 pm

ASHWINI: A negative influence is foreseen. Don’t take risks nor is this the right time for an adventure trip. Avoid driving and getting drawn into an argument. 

BHARANI: Be cordial with your spouse; help him or her keep calm. The company of friends is solace-giving. Avoid romance and entertainment.

KARTHIGAI: You will meet a close relative to enquire after a bed-ridden person. Siblings will come to your aid. Your spouse may not extend cooperation on a matter and you could feel disappointed. 

ROHINI: A confident and hope-filled day. Students, marketing professionals and businessmen will make progress. There is a good chance for you to earn some additional income. 

MRIGASEERISHAM: A favourable day for money and winning over enemies and other negative influences. You would enjoy a pleasant journey, additional income and profits from a land deal. Enemies may try to strike a compromise deal with you. 

ARUDRA: Some unfortunate events may cause worry. Keep vigilant when travelling and interacting with new friends. Visit a temple or offer prayers with your family at home. 

PUNARVASU: A good day for holding important events and for smooth money transactions. Close relatives and friends will assemble at your house for a happy occasion. You will recover from an illness, sign an agreement or launch a new venture.        

POOSAM: You need to work harder to complete unfinished matters. You may have to help a neighbour financially. You will enjoy an entertaining evening.

AAYILYAM: Students and those working the share market make gains. A financial deal will help power your efforts. Money may come through a brokerage commission.

MAGHAM: A negative influence is indicated. Money in the bank may make you want to try your hand at a chemical-oriented business. Keep patient and postpone an important decision. 

POORAM: There’s average luck today. The hard work you have put in paves the way for progress.  Smooth marital relations promotes the family’s welfare. 

UTHTHIRAM: Limit your expectations and be glad for the gains that do materialise. Close relatives share their happiness by holding a special event in your house. Visit a temple with your family.

HASTHAM: Your confidence and energy help the business grow. Good news from a son or daughter based abroad is very cheering. You may plan a work-related visit to a foreign country. 

CHITHRA: It’s a favourable day for property deals and good results. Money comes as an additional bonus and makes you happy. Take care of your relationship with your spouse. 

SWATHI: Be careful when travelling and handling tools and metals. Financial support comes in and reduces your burden. Avoid romance and anger; negative results are indicated.

VISHAKAM: It’s a favourable day for money. Avoid getting into an argument as your stand may not be right. Visit a temple and keep patient.

ANUSHAM: If you work harder, you will make progress. Whatever you are hoping for may get delayed. Elders will support your cause.

KETTAI: It’s a favourable day for education and business. Money will come and it will match your needs. Limit your expenditure; restrict romance and involvement in disputes.

MOOLAM: Keep your ambitions reasonable. Take care when travelling and handling tools. A negative influence will cause an upset. Visit a temple for peace of mind. 

POORADAM: A loan helps defray immediate expenses. You will seek your spouse’s opinion to sort out matters. Avoid romance and entertainment.     

UTHTHIRAADAM: Work quietly and strengthen yourself to face the hurdles. A few negative influences could mar your good luck. Visit temples; offer remedial prayers.  

TIRUVONAM: Take care of your health. Avoid travel and participating in meetings and group discussions. You will plan a trip with the family. 

AVITTAM: It’s a favourable day for financial transactions and land deals. A promotion is on the cards. There is a good chance of a marriage alliance working out. New assignments are foreseen.

SATHAYAM: Avoid taking journeys and meeting friends. Be patient and stay at home or visit temples. Some people will bring a negative message which makes you upset. 

POORATTAADHI: It’s a good and stable day for money matters. Your spouse will be helpful and bring some good news. Some additional income will help stabilise your finances. 

UTHTHIRATTAADHI: Avoid extensive travel and limit your expectations. Your hard work will result in meagre benefits and stress too. Visit a temple along with your spouse; some good news is forecast. 

REVATHY: A favourable day for safe financial transactions and discussing a marriage proposal. A misunderstanding with your spouse or romantic partner will be cleared and that makes you happy. There is a chance of discussing a proposal or assignment that consolidates your business.

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