Your daily predictions Jan 15, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher Krishnan Balaa, Founder, ASTRO Trust (Astrological Science Teaching and Research Organisation)
Your daily predictions Jan 15, 2016


Today’s  Almanac
Day :  Friday, 15.1.2016 
Thithi :  Sukla Paksham SHASHTI (Till 7.57 pm; thereafter Sapthami) 
Nakshatram :  uththirattaadhi (Till next day early morning 2.32am) 
Yogam :   Parigam 
Karanam :  Cowlavam 
Raghu Kaalam : 10:30 am to 12:00 noon 
Yema Kantam :   3:00pm to 4:30 pm 
Subha Horai :  6.00am 9.00 am; 1:00pm to 1:30 pm; 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm; 8:00pm to 9:00pm and 10:30pm to 11.00pm (night)
ASHWINI: Be careful in using your vehicle and handling any metal like tools, blades and knife; there is a danger of getting wounded. Money problems are expected. Don’t fight with your spouse; avoid anger.
BHARANI: Favourable day for travel and money transactions. Health and wealth would be safe. Romance and entertainment will make you happy.
KARTHIGAI: The benefit of your hard work will benefit others. Be patient, you would receive reward/ appreciation for your service. Restrict your expectations and keep cool with your spouse
ROHINI: Favourable day for you. Your expectations would come true and some demands will be fulfilled. Beware of some jealous people, who will try to spoil your name.
MRIGASEERISHAM: Be careful today; some untoward incident might unfold. You will be disappointed by your spouse or siblings. Limit your expectation and avoid arguments.
ARUDRA: Money would come through your friend. There will be some special meeting with your friend who has come from far away. The evening would end with confidence and hope.
PUNARVASU: Mixed feeling in the day. You have to spend money to entertain your friends. Financial concerns are expected.
POOSAM: Confidence and hope lead your day. Genuine hope would yield positive result. Avoid high expectations and keep low profile 
AAYILYAM: Favourable day. Things will move positively. Stock market, trading, brokerage and consultancy will prosper. Money transaction will see progress.
MAGHAM: Be careful today; some untoward incident might unfold. You may be hit by some metal like knife, blade, needles or even a small vehicle. Be vigilant in money transaction.
POORAM: Healthy and beneficial day for you. Money transactions will be under control. You should be patient with your spouse as some dissent is expected.
UTHTHIRAM: Heavy efforts will lead to less gain today. You will find travel  to be uncomfortable and strenuous. Avoid too much expectation and anxiety.
HASTHAM: Travel and business will fulfil your expectations. You will see gains in trade, brokerage, real estate, business and stock market. Money transactions will require efforts.
CHITHRA: Be careful in handling your spouse as he/she may get irritated. Most of your efforts/expectation would turn negative and you will be disappointed. Visit temple and offer remedial prayers.
SWATHI: Some favour from your friends would make you confident and hopeful. Money would come from borrowing. Entertainment with close friends is expected.
VISHAKAM: Money management will be stressful| Some hardship is expected in negotiating a settlement with financial institutions. Avoid arguments and keep low profile.
ANUSHAM: Don’t be too confident or hopeful. There will be some stress and pressure. Listening to elders and trustworthy colleagues will provide relief from burden.
KETTAI: Be confident to walk through a problem with more understanding and hope. Support and guidance from financial consultant will prosper your plan. Education, trade, share marketing and brokerage will lead to gains. 
MOOLAM: Your expectations might not be fulfilled for the day. There would be some constraint in relationship with your spouse. Avoid argument and anger; visit temple.
POORADAM: Favourable day for you with plenty of happiness and entertainment. You will walk through a financial crisis with confidence. Romance and travel will lead to your success. 
UTHTHIRAADAM: Not a very lucky day. Most of your efforts will be in vain. Need to be more careful with financial matters. 
TIRUVONAM: Favourable day for get-together, financial control, hidden trade and meeting with friends. Some good news from abroad will prosper you plan of promoting your business. Pending disputes and Govt. matters would be postponed, but only will act in your favour 
AVITTAM: Some unexpected failure or break will make you feel disappointed. Limit your expectations and be patient. Financial position would be stable.
SATHAYAM: Your efforts under financial pressure would be diluted by your friends. Avoid sharing your expectations and hope with your associates and close friend. Romance and travel will lead to demoralisation
POORATTAADHI: Some disappointment and negative results will make you feel dull. You will want to visit some of your close friends or relatives to relax and get some solace. Better to visit a temple and stay with your family.
UTHTHIRATTAADHI: Avoid overconfidence and too much expectations today. You will be in a mood to challenge any danger. Avoid adventure or any steps that may be risky in achieving your goal
REVATHY: Favourable for money flow and happy occasion. Money flow from your trade and educational service will be a reason for your family to celebrate. Your spouse will bring more support and success in your venture.

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