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Your daily predictions Dec 14, 2015

A daily forecast by astrological researcher Krishnan Balaa, Founder, ASTRO Trust (Astrological Science Teaching and Research Organisation)

Your daily predictions Dec 14, 2015
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Today’s Almanac :

 Day : Monday, December 14, 2015

Thithi : Sukla Paksham Thiruthiyai (till 3.01 pm; thereafter Chathurthi) 

Nakshatram : Uththiraadam (till Tuesday 1.43 am)

Yogam : Thuruvam 

Karanam : Karasai 

Raghu Kaalam : 7.30 to 9 am

Yema Kantam : 10.30 am to 12 noon 

Subha Horai : 6 to 7 am; 12 noon to 2 pm; 6 to 9 pm; and 10 to 11 pm

ASHWINI: Friends offer support that is far-reaching. Your troubles diminish and you are relaxed. Jupiter’s position indicates financial security and the prevention of major hurdles 

BHARANI: Relatives and other meetings relieve most of your pressures. You are hard pressed to make time for romantic meetings or even food intake. Don’t omit visiting a temple and offering prayers.

KARTHIGAI: You are confident and sure of handling obstacles on your path. Dealings with government officials turn out all right which could greatly reduce your burdens. Avoid getting into arguments or disputes. 

ROHINI: It’s a happy and lucky day. Your money prospects shine; you could be acquiring property or some other major asset. The atmosphere is relaxed and conducive to progress.

MRIGASEERISHAM: It’s not a good day for travel or land dealings. Don’t expect favours from friends or siblings. Keep a watch on words spoken. Be patient as Chandraash¬tamam begins on your star.

ARUDRA: It’s a good day. The stars promise protection from danger and trouble. Your expenses are small as others pick up the tab for you.

PUNARVASU: You fulfil your needs through your own initiative. There may be some obstacles till noon; thereafter, it’s a relaxed day. Visit a temple for strength and peace of mind.

POOSAM: A day of good tidings. Pending disputes, litigation and expectations work out in your favour. Money will come from afar.

AAYILYAM: Beware of some negative influences today. Have patience and don’t interfere in others’ affairs. Avoid a romantic rendezvous as it may turn out disappointing.

MAGHAM: Some travel and some obstacles too are indicated, but you stay calm despite the pressures. Support from friends and colleagues provides solace and hope. 

Children are a source of positive tidings, and possibly, a land deal too. 

POORAM: You brim with confidence. A dear friend brings you some useful information. A misunderstanding with your spouse is likely.

UTHTHIRAM: It’s a mixed bag of influences today. There is no need to fear negative alignments as they could turn into positive happenings. Postpone all your plans for a while.

HASTHAM: It’s a favourable day for traders, people in the legal profession, consult¬ants and those in education. Money long owed to you comes in. Your plans materialise as desired.

CHITHRA: You may face some disappointments today. There are some negative events likely, such as a loss of belongings. Visit a temple in the morning and offer sincere prayers.

SWATHI: It’s a happy day. You will enjoy taking a trip with friends. A romantic meeting is also on the cards. You have a miraculous escape. 

VISHAKAM: A few hardships are ahead and expenses too. Some actions of yours could invite trouble. Avoid outings and going to restaurants.

ANUSHAM: There is gladness over a bout of unexpected luck brought about by a loan. Close friends come to your timely aid. Visit a temple and propitiate the gods to keep the negative at bay.

KETTAI: Existing troubles are likely to persist. Some long-term plans see fruition. Your sensible approach neutralises Sathe Sani’s ill effects.

MOOLAM: You are preoccupied with spiritual pursuits and may not give enough attention to a long standing problem. The support of friends helps you relax. Inflow of money will help meet urgent needs.

POORADAM: There is relief from Sathe Sani’s effect. You need to have patience. Avoid travel. Romance and outings save the day. 

UTHTHIRAADAM: You are energetic and achievement-oriented. You apply yourself to a problem through serious discussion and may plan to change your line of business. Be patient and don’t involve yourself in any argument or disputes.

TIRUVONAM: Problems exist and you need to resolve them patiently. Put off addressing any new proposals for a few months. Money is adequate for your basic needs. Avoid long journeys and meetings.

AVITTAM: A negative incident is foreseen. Business and family relationships show promise. Postpone taking on a new assignment.

SATHAYAM: It’s going to be a good day. Money comes in and your bank balance increases. Romance and meeting friends put you in a good mood.

POORATTAADHI: It’s a day of insights. Your correct perception of a problem brings confidence. Your thoughts are focused on the divine.

UTHTHIRATTAADHI: A day when you could be performing some good deeds. Money comes in to help you meet expenses. You will prepare to put a money-making plan into action.

REVATHY: There could be some disturbances today that cause worry. Children are keen to break free and if you are not ready for this, their actions could make you feel let down. To keep your equilibrium, visit a temple. Prayers bring sure solace.

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