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Zelenskyy slams Tucker Carlson's Putin interview as 2 hours of nonsense

The former cable TV host was quickly criticized for giving Putin a platform

Zelenskyy slams Tucker Carlsons Putin interview as 2 hours of nonsense

Volodymyr Zelenskyy (ANI)

KYIV: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticized the recent interview between former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Russian President Vladimir Putin, denouncing it as "two hours of nonsense" during an exclusive interview with Fox News's "Special Report" anchored by Bret Baier, as reported by The Hill.

"I don't have time to hear more than two hours of bull--about us, about the world, about the United States, about our relations and this interview with a killer," Zelenskyy said during an interview in Ukraine on Fox News's "Special Report" with anchor Bret Baier.

In Carlson's recent interview with Putin, the Russian president spouted propaganda about his country's current war with Ukraine and went after the U.S.

The former cable TV host was quickly criticized for giving Putin a platform.

Zelenskyy's comments also follow the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, whose passing President Biden has blamed on Putin.

"Reports of his death, if they're true, and I have no reasons to believe they're not--Russian authorities are going to tell their own story," Biden said in remarks from the White House.

"But make no mistake: Putin is responsible for Navalny's death. Putin is responsible. What has happened to Navalny is yet more proof of Putin's brutality. No one should be fooled," he continued.

The president also referred to Putin as a "crazy SOB," at a fundraiser in San Francisco on Wednesday when speaking about climate change.

"This is the last existential threat, it is climate. We have a crazy SOB like that guy Putin, and others, and we always have to worry about nuclear conflict, but the existential threat to humanity is climate," Biden said.

The Kremlin hit back at Biden for the "SOB" comment Thursday, saying that he was trying "to look like a Hollywood cowboy."

The tensions between Ukraine, Russia, and the United States continue to escalate amidst political rhetoric and geopolitical maneuvers, underscoring the complex dynamics shaping international relations in the 21st century.

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