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PML-N supremo laments Pakistan's dire economic crisis, vows to redirect country on path of growth

The PML-N supremo made the remarks while addressing a massive crowd of supporters at the Minar-e-Pakistan rally in Lahore.

PML-N supremo laments Pakistans dire economic crisis, vows to redirect country on path of growth

PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif (Image: ANI)

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif on Saturday lamented how Pakistan's economy is in dire straits with very high inflation, dangerously low foreign exchange reserves and vowed to redirect the country on the path of growth, Pakistan-based Dawn newspaper reported.

Nawaz compared how roti, petrol cost way higher today than when he was in power. "Was I ousted for this reason? What is this decision? You are the public, you tell, do you agree with this decision?"

He said that if Pakistan was run on his 1990 economic model, "not a single person would have been unemployed, there would be nothing like poverty [...] but today, the condition is so bad that one has to think if they can feed their children or pay electricity bills".

The PML-N supremo made the remarks while addressing a massive crowd of supporters at the Minar-e-Pakistan rally in Lahore.

Nawaz clarified that these tough economic conditions weren't created during the Shehbaz Sharif-led government but traced back to a long time.

The PML-N supremo also waved two copies of electricity bills which he claimed were from his tenure and after he was ousted. "Do you remember how dharnas were held? But we kept doing our work."

While addressing his supporters, Nawaz said, "I am meeting you today after several years, but my relationship of love with you is the same. There is no difference in this relationship," he said. "The love I am seeing in your eyes, I am proud of it."

He said he never betrayed his supporter nor did he shy from any kind of sacrifice. He recalled how fake cases were framed against him and his party leaders. "But no one abandoned the PML-N flag."

"Tell me, who are they who separated Nawaz Sharif from his nation? We are those who built Pakistan. We made Pakistan an atomic power. We brought an end to load-shedding," he said, highlighting how he produced and provided cheap electricity to the people.

Responding to the crowd cheering, Nawaz said, "I know you want to hear that I love you too."

"Today, trust me, after seeing your love, I have forgotten all my grief and pain. I don't even want to remember. But, there are some wounds that can't ever heal."

Nawaz said he had lost his mother and wife "to politics". He recalled how he couldn't pay the final respects to his mother, father or wife despite repeated requests in jail, as per Dawn.

The PML-N supremo further recalled the impediments he faced at the time of the atomic bomb launch. "There will be record present in the Foreign Office that Clinton offered me USD 5 billion [...] this happened in 1999 [...] I could have been offered USD 1 billion too, but I was born from the land of Pakistan and it did not give me permission to accept what is against Pakistan's favour."

"Tell me, if someone else would have been in my place, you know who, could he have said this in front of the American President? So, do we get punished for this? Are verdicts announced against us for this reason?" he said.

Meanwhile, PML-N Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz while addressing the rally said: "I will not deliver a speech, only Nawaz Sharif will speak to you today."

"I thought Minar-e-Pakistan was a huge venue, but I didn't know it would turn out to be small for PML-N supporters," she said, urging supporters to give Nawaz a historic welcome.

Nawaz Sharif reached Lahore on Saturday after spending four years in self-imposed exile.

Sharif landed in Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore in the same helicopter that was used by incarcerated former PM Imran Khan for his political campaigns, SAMAA TV reported.

Meanwhile, in a dramatic turn of events after the return of Nawaz, a fight broke out in his flight after the luggage of his party leader went missing, Pakistan-based SAMAA TV reported.

"A fight broke on the flight in which Nawaz Sharif was travelling when PMLN leader Malik Noor Awan's luggage went missing," SAMAA TV posted on X (formerly Twitter).

The party has prepared for a grand welcome for the former PM. Several party leaders and workers converged in Lahore from all across Pakistan for the party's grand power show. The party has also booked multiple special trains to ensure that its supporters are able to attend the Minar-e-Pakistan rally.

"Nawaz Sharif is the Lion, the King, and the Pride of Pakistan! He's back, and he's here to stay!" PML-N posted on X.

Several party leaders and workers gathered in Lahore under PML-N Provincial President Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Engineer Amir Makam to welcome Nawaz Sharif.

After arriving in Lahore, Nawaz Sharif along with other party leaders also offered prayers at Shahi Qila.

Earlier in the day, Nawaz Sharif landed at Islamabad airport as he returned to Pakistan after four years of exile in London.

In a post on X, PML-N posted, "Umeed-e-Pakistan has landed in Islamabad Alhumdulillah. NAWAZ SHARIF IS BACK IN HIS HOMELAND."

Earlier, Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had given permission to a special plane booked to carry the PML-N supremo to land in the country upon its arrival, ARY News reported.

Nawaz Sharif was granted protective bail in two graft cases, while an accountability court suspended his arrest warrant in the Toshakhana case, removing all the legal hurdles in his smooth return to the country, Geo News reported.

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