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Unsanctioned speed breakers annoy Kancheepuram commuters

They have not followed any norms and regulations stipulated in Indian Road Congress (IRC). So, a street that’s nearly 150 metres long has 5 speed breakers.

Unsanctioned speed breakers annoy Kancheepuram  commuters

The speed breaker laid on Sethurayar Street by its residents

KANCHEEPURAM: Commuters in the temple town have a new problem. Unauthorised speed breakers are troubling them, especially senior citizens living in the Kancheepuram Corporation.

Sometimes speed breakers pose a life-threat, cause spinal injuries to commuters, and also frustrate riders, fume residents.

Ward number 28 in Sethurayar Street is a classic example of this. Without any official nod from the Corporation, residents of the street laid down speed breakers. They have not followed any norms and regulations stipulated in Indian Road Congress (IRC). So, a street that’s nearly 150 metres long has 5 speed breakers.

“I usually use the street to buy groceries and essential items for my house but nowadays I’m avoiding it and taking the longer route. Sethurayar street has become unusable for commuters, especially senior citizens,” lamented a resident residing near the street. “At night the challenge compounds, as there is no indication of speed breakers. Road bumps are not painted to alert the commuters.”

A senior citizen working at a shop said that he has been getting back pain ever since he had to navigate the speed bumps in the street. “Some senior citizens have also slipped a lot of time while going over the speed breakers,” said a senior citizen.

When DT Next contacted the ward councillor Kamalakannan regarding the establishment of the speed breakers by the residents, he refused to comment. “We don’t know about such illegal establishment of speed breakers,” said G Kannan, Commissioner of Kancheepuram Corporation. “Action will be taken to remove them if found to be established illegally.”

The IRC stipulated that only the local bodies and traffic police have the authority to lay down speed breakers after considering the need. The IRC regulated the design of speed breakers, install road signs and reflectors ahead of 40 metres to alert speed bumps. The speed breakers should be painted in white and black, said the IRC.

Many High Courts have directed in several judgments to strictly comply with the regulations of the IRC while laying speed breakers.

Spinal injuries common among commuters on two-wheelers: Doctors

A lot of people complain about lower back pain and joint pain because of regular commute on improperly laid roads.

Speed breakers without markings can cause excessive and sudden pressure on the spine and the spinal disc.

“We routinely see a lot of cases of spinal injuries, aches and pains due to the commute on pothole-riddled roads and going over speed breakers. The spinal muscles are not as strong to withstand sudden jolts and excessive pressure on the disc. The neck and spine-related issues are reported, especially by people who commute by bikes every day,” explained Dr Mohammed Ismail, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Prashanth Hospitals.

Orthopaedic experts advise commuters to drive slowly in routes with a lot of speed breakers or potholes to reduce the pressure on the back. A consultant at the orthopaedic department at a city-based GH said that improperly laid roads do more damage to regular drivers than we realise.

“There’s a surge in the injuries to spinal disc, even in youngsters because of commuting to work. People do not have a straight posture when driving and in such circumstances, when there is a sudden jerk to the back muscles as the vehicle goes over speed breakers, the spine is not in a position to handle the pressure. A lot of youngsters sit in the wrong posture at work for long hours, which adds to the lower back pain,” said the doctor.

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