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TU’s proposed digital evaluation draws flak

Teachers’ associations, which are irked by the proposed plan, allege procedures have been not followed properly for the scheme

TU’s proposed digital evaluation draws flak

Thiruvallur University

VELLORE: A fresh move by the Vellore-based Thiruvalluvar University to start an Online Digital Evaluation System (ODVS) has drawn flak from certain sections.

Teachers’ associations, which are irked by the proposed plan, allege procedures have been not followed properly for the scheme. Sources revealed that the move for digital evaluation was being carried out without proper planning or training.

A letter dated December 6 written by Thiruvalluvar University Coordination Council secretary Antony Baskaran to the Chancellor, Chief Minister, Higher Education Minister, Higher Education Secretary, Thiruvalluvar University V-C, registrar and controller of exams, said that the controller was trying to thrust the system on teachers demanding that they send their acceptance/willingness before December 8.

Though the controller held a meeting with two representatives from affiliated colleges to apprise them of the new system, similar meetings were not held in affiliated colleges to pass on the system’s details to colleagues, the letter stated.

Though the V-C informed that there would be 50 per cent central valuation and 50 per cent ODVS, the controller was silent on this in his latest mail to colleges, the letter added.

Demanding to know if the ODVS proposal was placed before academic council and syndicate for ratification and if so on what dates, the letter mentioned that ODVS-related decisions taken in such meetings would not be binding on teachers as there was no representation of teachers and principals in the council and syndicate. The proposed move would result in chaos if varsity did not take time to “familiarise teachers with ODVS,” the letter said.

Exam controller M Babu Janarthanam told DTNext, “The ODVS scheme was proposed by TANII (TN Innovation Initiative) under the State Planning Commission. The scheme was handed over to three institutions - Anna University, Alagappa University, and Thiruvalluvar University.” Further, he stated that the varsity has been asked to implement the scheme at the earliest. “The VC will decide on whether the present semester exam valuation should be fully under ODVS or have 50 per cent each of central valuation and ODVS,” he said.

Referring to training he said, “A total of 112 teachers of the 140 invited for the training participated.”

Tharian Mathew
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