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Tiruchy Int’l Airport awaits grand infrastructural boost

The new integrated international passenger terminal, which will be dedicated to the nation soon, would increase the peak-hour capacity to 2,900 passengers with at least six times more facilities and connectivity, details director of Tiruchy airport

Tiruchy Int’l Airport awaits grand infrastructural boost

New terminal at Tiruchy airport nearing completion.

TIRUCHY: The integrated terminal building parallel to the runway with associated apron, multi-level car parking, city side ramps to reach the departure level at the first floor constructed in an area of 75,000 sq metre with an estimated cost of Rs 951.28 crore is nearing completion.

With this, there will certainly be an infrastructural boost to Tiruchy and its adjacent districts and would play a prestigious role in terms of air transport with at least six times more facilities and connectivity and is expected to be dedicated to the nation within a couple of months and no wonder, it would boost Tiruchy’s economic growth too.

According to the Tiruchy Airport Director P Subramani, the existing terminal under operation since 2009 is capable of handling 200 incoming and 200 outgoing passengers at peak hours but the new proposed integrated international passenger terminal would increase the peak hour capacity to 2,900 passengers and would have a basement with an airside corridor for approach road and canopy for passengers while a State-of-the-art inclined carousels (conveyor system) for baggage claim has also been established, Subramani said.

Along with these facilities, a multilevel car parking to house as many as 750 cars, and a taxi parking area to house 250 taxis are to be established beside a new four-lane approach road to the proposed international terminal, new ATC tower cum technical block, Aprons for 10 Code C type of aircraft. While as many as 118 residential quarters, transit accommodation for AAI staff and accommodation for CISF are to be provided.

Artist’s impression of Tiruchy airport after completion of works

Meanwhile, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has particularly instructed that the total domestic wastewater generated from the facility will be treated in the proposed Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). “No wastewater will be discharged outside the airport premises,” AAI officials said.

The airport director further said, that with fantastic infrastructure augmentation not only Tiruchy but also the adjacent districts would benefit and the airlines would readily come for their flight operation. “While we have also been in contact with those airlines who have sent a feeler and certainly, the Tiruchy airport would increase the flight services soon after the inauguration of the new terminal and the airport would be busier than ever,” Subramani confirmed.

Tiruchy-S’pore route 21st busiest from India: DGCA

TIRUCHY: The Tiruchy international airport which has become one of the most notable airports has shown remarkable growth in handling passenger traffic and achieved the status of 21st busiest route with Tiruchy-Singapore among the 327 such routes across country and across airports.

This achievement would not only pave way for an increase in more services but also give chances to explore more routes from here.

In the recent report by the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for the quarter between April and June, the Tiruchy-Singapore service was placed as the 21st busiest route which was in 30th position during the previous quarter. But due to the steady growth and the most sought-after service by passengers, the same service has achieved the 21st position handling around 1.36 lakh passengers in the second quarter.

“It is indeed a remarkable achievement and shows how the Tiruchy airport is capable of handling passengers and inviting more such services if proper approaches are made by the government. Several operators are ready to increase the service to the potential routes but they need the fullest support from the official body,” said H Ubaidullah, an aviation analyst from Tiruchy. Ubaidullah also said that Tiruchy airport is the first airport to resume 100 per cent services after the COVID-19 pandemic period. There were as many as 91 international services during pre-COVID time and that was cut to 80 and gradually registered 100 per cent resumption of services. “Tiruchy airport played a vital role during the pandemic time and it was time, the airport could show it’s potential in hassle-free handling of passengers”, he said.

Ubaidullah also said that the Tiruchy-Singapore service has been growing and all flights have more than 80 per cent occupancy even during the lean days.

“Till 2007, there was no direct flight to Singapore and it was introduced thereafter with minimal services and post-COVID witnessed two services a day to Singapore and probably it would double during winter season,” he said. There are several other sectors like Tiruchy-Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Colombo, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, and Doha are operational at present with weekly based services. “There are demands from the Gulf countries to increase the service,” he said.

Tiruchy handles 11 flights a day including 5 to Malaysia and this could increase to 15 by winter session, sources said.

Air connectivity to improve soon

With several facilities, the Tiruchy International Airport would soon have air connectivity with various destinations and aviation enthusiasts claim that the proper lobbying with the leaders from Tamil Nadu particularly from Tiruchy would have more flights. The airport has a high potential to expand its wings.

Presently, Tiruchy has direct flight services to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, Sharjah, Colombo, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, and Doha which Singapore is providing a major share of passenger traffic at Tiruchy airport, and currently, 28 flights are being operated between Tiruchy-Singapore sector while the winter session, the number of services to Singapore and other South East Asian countries would increase.

“While there is a high potential for Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and a few other destinations from Tiruchy, the absence of service forces the passengers to go either to Bangalore or to Chennai and thus the income which has to be actually enjoyed by Tiruchy is diverted to the other airports. And this is high time, the officials make proper steps to bring direct services to these destinations,” said H Ubaidullah, aviation analyst. He said at least a weekly service to these sectors would ease the passengers and ensure the growth of the airport. He said the Gulf carriers are ready to commence operations from Tiruchy.

However, the Airport Director P Subramani said, they are in contact with the airlines. “We have finalised talks with Viet Airlines which has assured to commence its operation from winter session from Tiruchy to Ho Chi Minh City,” he said.

But still, the Director said that the local leaders along with the stakeholders should work and bring more services.


  • Provision of gates to segregate air side and city side areas with security guard posts at the entry gate.
  • Provision of STP and water treatment plants, if necessary.
  • Augmentation of power supply
  • Provision of sub-station equipment including DG set.
  • Provision of illuminated mandatory and information signage inside the terminal building, kerb area, car park area, apron side, etc.
  • Adequate lighting system to have required standard of illumination and all internal electrical -installations including lightning protection system.
  • Provision of fire detection and alarm systems.
  • Provision for fire hydrants and water sprinklers system as per standards along with fire extinguishers.
  • Provision of approach road and car park lighting as per standard requirements.
  • Expansion of cargo terminal.


25 to 28: No of Singapore flights — Air India Express (7 to 14); Scoot (14 - No change); Indigo (7 No change).

25 to 35: Flights to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — Air Asia (17 to 21); Batik Malaysia 7 to 14

7 to 14: Flights to Colombo — Sri Lankan Airlines (7 to 14) 7: Flights to Dubai — Air India Express (7 - No change)

7: Flights to Sharjah — Air India Express (7 - No change)

1: Flight to Abu Dhabi — Air India Express (1 - No change)

2: Flights to Kuwait — Air India Express (2 - No change)

1: Flight to Doha — Air India Express (1 - No change)

1: Flight to Muscat — Air India Express (1 - No change)

3: Flights to Ho Chi Minh City – VietJet Air (3 – services from Nov 3)

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