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Stalin wishes for successful "Grama Sabhas" across TN

CM Stalin also issued a call to action, urging all residents to actively participate in the Grama Sabhas.

Stalin wishes for successful Grama Sabhas across TN

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin (File)

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has extended his best wishes for the smooth conduct and successful completion of "Grama Sabhas" scheduled to take place today across the State.

Expressing his gratitude, CM Stalin stated, "I thank all the public who participate in Grahma Shabha. After the formation of the DMK government, we are continuously conducting Grama Sabha meetings. We are conducting Grahma Sabhas without any obstacles as village people's voices should be heard in any situation without any interruption. In villages only for the first time, people governance was raised".

"Grahma Sabha is the place where the issues of people resonate on the ground and it serves as an example of a Democracy. Six times Grahma sabhas are conducted every year in Tamilnadu, and the panchayats serve a major role in implementing schemes related to children, women, and differently-abled", added Stalin.

He emphasized that in villages, the concept of people's governance was initially established, and Grama Sabhas played a pivotal role in this process. These meetings serve as an exemplary embodiment of democracy, allowing people to voice their concerns and ideas directly. Chennai metro water

Tamil Nadu conducts Grama Sabhas six times a year, and the state's panchayats play a role in implementing various schemes aimed at benefiting children, women, and differently-abled individuals.

CM Stalin also issued a call to action, urging all residents to actively participate in the Grama Sabhas.

A release issued by the Tamil Nadu government said that to increase participation of the public, invitations have been distributed across the state. Booklets explaining details of various schemes of the State government will also be distributed. Short films explaining the state government's flagship schemes such as free bus travel for women, breakfast in schools will be played in the meetings.

State ministers will attend the meetings in their districts. There will be discussions on budget statements, dengue prevention measures, precautionary measures for the northeast monsoon, and audit reports. The theme of the Gram Sabha meetings to be held in 12,525 village panchayats is 'Yellorukkum Yellam" (Everything for Everyone) the release from the state government said.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister encouraged those who attend these meetings to convey the importance and necessity of the system to fellow members of their panchayats who may not have participated. This effort seeks to enhance awareness and promote greater community engagement in the democratic process.

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