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Amputation of boy's hand: Expert committee finds no medical negligence

Amputation of boys hand: Expert committee finds no medical negligence

Rajiv Gandhi government General Hospital. File photo

CHENNAI: The expert doctors committee investigating the case of alleged negligence while treating a 1.5 year old child Mohamed Makir at Rajiv Gandhi government General Hospital (RGGGH) gave its report on Wednesday.

The report has no mention about medical negligence. The mother of the child said that she was not satisfied with the report of experts.

The report stated that the child was born preterm with low-birth weight and diagnosed with tetra ventricular hydro cephalous with Atrial Septal Defect at 5 months.

He had a developmental delay and lower limbs spasiticity.

On May 2022, the kid underwent ventriculoperitoneal shunt to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid. The child had developed cardiac arrest during the surgery and was admitted in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) for a month, and discharged. The child was on regular follow up by the neuro specialist.

On June 25, the child visited the outpatient department after the shunt came out through anus. The doctors found that he was extremely low weight and cardiologist and anaesthetist observed that he was at high risk, and later the child underwent VP shunt replacement surgery on the same night.

The shunt tube was sent to the biology and biochemistry department for culture and analysis, which revealed brain infection post pseudomonas.

On June 29, the mother of the child noted that redness in the right hand after administration of IV drugs. When she informed the staff nurse and the venflon was removed. The next day, the team of professors and assistant professors examined the child and diagnosis of thrombophlebitis that hampers the movement of a part of the body, was made and treated accordingly.

Following increasing discoloration of right hand and loss of movements on July 1 the vascular surgeon and radiologist were asked to give opinion.

Following color doppler, the child was found to have acute ischaemia as the blood flow reduced in the right upper hand. The child was shifted to Institute of Child Health, Egmore for amputation.

The parents had alleged negligence while treating the child but the doctors denied the same and said that the child suffered from thrombophlebitis and that is why hand lost functioning. After the report given to the child's parents, Makir's mother while addressing the media stated that she was not satisfied with the report and many observations mentioned are false statement.

"Recently, the health minister along with other senior doctors at RGGGH said that only on July 1, the issue was identified in the child. But on June 29, we informed the doctors at the hospital regarding the redness and discoloration of the child. The report has mentioned the information we said but the senior authorities of health department had given false details, " said the child's mother.

She further added that, "Shunt tube test revealed that the child has brain infection post pseudomonas, but till July 3 the doctors at ICH said that the full report was yet to be recieved. "We will ask the discharge summary from the RGGGH dean, and request for another expert committee discussion as we are not satisfied with it, " added Makir's mother.

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