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Women's Day: Female Gamers carving their niche in Indian Esports

With talent, resilience, and a supportive community, women are proving that Esports is a platform where skill and passion determine success, regardless of gender.

Womens Day: Female Gamers carving their niche in Indian Esports

NEW DELHI: Esports, which was once a male-dominated domain, is witnessing a significant shift as female gamers are carving their own space within the landscape by challenging stereotypes.

With talent, resilience, and a supportive community, women are proving that Esports is a platform where skill and passion determine success, regardless of gender.

According to the 'Female Gamers in Asia' report by Niko Partners, the female gamers market in Asia represents 37% of total gamers, with an annual growth rate of 11%, nearly double that of new male gamers. Female gamers contribute about 23.5% of total revenue in the Asian games market and have the potential to double in size in the coming years.

As more women step into roles as developers, CEOs, designers, writers, and coaches, there is a noticeable increase in female representation across various facets of the video games industry. The latest FICCI-EY report titled ‘#Reinvent: India’s media & entertainment sector is innovating for the future’, forecasts an increase in the female fan base of the overall Esports audience, rising from 23% in 2023 to 25% by 2024.

"As a female gamer, witnessing the progressive influx of female talent across various domains within the video game industry fills me with immense pride. Women choosing their passion over societal norms play a pivotal role in reshaping the narrative around gender representation in gaming. With more female gamers continuing to assert their place in this dynamic industry, they will inspire budding gamers and create an inclusive and welcoming space for players of all backgrounds to thrive,” noted Payal Dhare aka PayalGaming who is a part of 8Bit Creatives and stands one of India’s leading female gamers with more than three million followers on Youtube.

The emergence of more female protagonists in games is gradually reshaping narratives and broadening the appeal to a wider audience. Historically, female video game protagonists were scarce, with characters like Lara Croft and Samus Aran standing out as exceptions. However, the gaming landscape is gradually becoming more diverse, with numerous upcoming titles featuring strong female leads, including Wonder Woman, Star Wars: OutLaws, Grand Theft Auto 6, and many others.

Krutika Ojha, also known as KrutikaPlays, another well-renowned female gamer of 8Bit Creatives expressed her optimism by stating, "With this certainly evolving gaming industry, women are thriving in their ways to break the stereotype and make their mark in the community. Women lead in video games not only serve to attract more female gamers to the medium but also provide them with relatable and empowering role models within virtual worlds. Initiatives like these are instrumental in paving the way for a more diverse and welcoming gaming community."

Brands are increasingly recognising the unique appeal and reach of female gamers and teaming up with them to tap into their considerable influence within the gaming community. The increasing presence of gaming streamers and collaborations between in-game advertising and fashion brands, such as Burberry x Minecraft, Balenciaga x Fortnite, and Gucci x Roblox, are proving to be lucrative ventures, driving higher ROI and engagement across diverse audiences.

Animesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO of 8Bit Creatives and Co-Founder of S8UL, shared his thoughts on this trend by saying, “In the budding years, the Indian Gaming Industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in Female Gamers fostering the growth of the industry as a whole. With the number of women increasing in Esports, gaming content creation, and streaming, brands recognize the immense potential and capitalize on the ability of female content creators to connect authentically with diverse audiences."

The presence and influence of women in the Indian Esports industry is undeniable and with each achievement and contribution, they pave the way for a vibrant future for the community.

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