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"This is India's time and we are moving forward": PM Modi

Speaking about the presence of Shri Hanuman in every work of Shri Ram, the Prime Minister bowed to Shri Hanuman and Hanuman Garhi.

This is Indias time and we are moving forward: PM Modi

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi

AYODHYA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday highlighted that the grand Ram Temple will be a witness to the "progress" and "rise" of India. "This grand Ram Temple will become a witness to the rise of Viksit Bharat", the Prime Minister said.

Associating the Ram Temple with new India which has taken the pledge to make the country developed by 2047, the Prime Minister urged people to work collectively in an organised form so that the goal can be achieved which will be justified by the power the country will get. "This is India's time and India is going to move forward. After waiting for centuries we have reached here. We all have waited for this era, this period. Now we will not stop. We will continue to reach the heights of development", the Prime Minister said on Monday.

Speaking about the presence of Shri Hanuman in every work of Shri Ram, the Prime Minister bowed to Shri Hanuman and Hanuman Garhi. He also bowed to Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughan and Mata Janki. He acknowledged the presence of divine entities over the event.

The Prime Minister apologized to Prabhu Shri Ram for the delay in seeing today's day and said that as today that vacuum has been filled, surely, Shri Ram will forgive us. Recalling, Sant Tulsidas's return of Shri Ram in 'Treta Yug', The Prime Minister recalled the happiness that Ayodhya of the time must have felt. "Then the separation with Shri Ram lasted for 14 years and was still so unbearable. In this age Ayodhya and the countrymen suffered the separation of hundreds of years", he said.

PM Modi continued, despite Shri Ram being present in the original copy of the Constitution, a prolonged legal battle was fought after the independence. The Prime Minister thanked the Judiciary of India for "keeping the dignity of justice intact. Embodiment of justice, Shri Ram's temple was constructed through just means", he emphasized.

The Prime Minister informed that the entire nation including small villages is witnessing processions and cleanliness campaigns are being carried out in temples. "The entire nation is celebrating Diwali today. Every household is prepared to light up the 'Ram Jyoti' in the evening", PM Modi said.

The Ram Lalla idol was unveiled at the Pran Pratishtha ceremony after the hour-long rituals in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who led the ceremony.

The Prime Minister walked inside the temple premises with a silver 'chattar' (umbrella) placed on a red folded dupatta. RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath were also present inside the sanctorum during the rituals. Devotees and guests chanted 'Jai Sri Ram' as the ceremony was held.

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