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'Parivarvad a threat to democracy', PM Modi attacks Oppn

PM Modi said he had seen a chief minister whose 50 family members were occupying high posts.

Parivarvad a threat to democracy, PM Modi attacks Oppn

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

SANGAREDDY: Continuing his attack on Congress and its allies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that 'parivarvad' is a threat to democracy and does not allow new talent to emerge.

Addressing a public meeting here, PM Modi lashed out at INDIA bloc leaders for saying that he has no family.

He said from Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, ruling families have become strong but states have been destroyed.

The Prime Minister alleged that Congress and its allies have stooped to the level of abusing him and his family. “They are abusing me because I expose their scams of thousands of crores. I am against parivarvad but I don’t make personal allegations,” he said.

“I say parivarvad is a danger for democracy, it is against talent and against youth but they are saying Modi has no family. Do the families have a licence to steal? Are they free to steal and capture power,” he asked.

PM Modi said he had seen a chief minister whose 50 family members were occupying high posts.

He slammed the opposition leaders for their assertion that they are fighting an ideological battle against him.

“They say family first, I say nation first. This is the ideological fight. For them their families are everything and for me every family of the country is everything. For their family interests, they sacrificed the nation's interests and I sacrificed myself for the nation's interests,” he said, reiterating that 140 crore Indians are his family.

The Prime Minister said that the family-centric parties are so insecure that they do not allow youth to come up in politics. “Ever since Congress became parivarvadi, it has not allowed anybody below 50 to come up. They bring those who are 75, 80 and 85 because they fear that if those aged 50-55 come and overtake them what will happen to their family,” he said while claiming that he is promoting honest youth in politics.

PM Modi also alleged parivarvadi looted the nation to fill their vaults while he spends money from his own salary on people.

He also charged the leaders of family-centric parties with receiving expensive gifts to convert black money into white. The PM claimed that he deposited all gifts in Tosha Khana which were auctioned to raise money for the Ganga project.

The Prime Minister said so far Rs 150 crore were raised through auction of gifts and the money was spent on public service.

He also alleged that the parivarvadi opened accounts in foreign banks to hide black money. “Modi opened Jan Dhan accounts of crores of poor. This is the difference. They built palaces for their families but Modi has not built even a house. Modi is building houses for the poor. So far 4 crore houses have been built for the poor,” he said.

Alleging that parties which believe in 'parivarvad' sold mines, lands, skies and did everything to destroy the nation, he claimed that he was toiling to build the future of the people and their children.

Stating that his government fulfilled its promises of scrapping Article 370 and building Ram temple, the Prime Minister claimed that it also implemented the promise of writing a new chapter of development in the country.

“India is the fastest growing economy. I am giving you a guarantee that in the next few years, we will make India the third biggest economy in the world,” he said.

PM Modi said that the enthusiasm he is seeing among people of Telangana for the BJP is strengthening his faith.

“I will not allow your enthusiasm, love and affection to go waste. I will return it in double the amount with the development of Telangana,” he said.

PM Modi termed BRS and Congress as two sides of the same coin. He said fed up with the scams of BRS, people of Telangana gave an opportunity to Congress. He reiterated that the Congress government is taking no action over the Kaleshwaram project scam. He alleged that Congress was sitting on files after realising that their own people were involved in it along with BRS.

He alleged that the Congress party has made Telangana its new ATM. He said both Congress and BRS provide fire cover to each other in looting Telangana.

“This fire cover will not last long because in the Modi government, there have been both surgical and air strikes,” he remarked adding that for this he needs blessings of people of Telangana.

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