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'No comparison between past Cong regimes and present BJP govt in Assam'

He said the erstwhile Congress-ruled Assam doesn't stand anywhere in comparison to the present BJP government's work in terms of development.

No comparison between past Cong regimes and present BJP govt in Assam

AGP president Atul Bora (ANI)

GOLAGHAT: In a scathing takedown of the Congress ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) president and NDA ally Atul Bora said the grand old party did little for the state and the country while in power, apart from misappropriation of public wealth and corruption.

In an interview with ANI on Saturday, Bora said, "They (Congress) ruled the country for the better part of 60 years. But what else did they do apart from corruption? The people of Assam will never forget it (corrupt Congress regimes)."

He said the erstwhile Congress-ruled Assam doesn't stand anywhere in comparison to the present BJP government's work in terms of development.

"Forget the past, what else can people expect from the Congress? They ruled the country for the longest time since independence. In Assam, they were in power from 2001 to 2016, but what did they accomplish in all these years? Nothing. There is simply no comparison between previous Congress regimes in Assam and the BJP government of today, when it comes to development and progress. People want development, progress and will vote in favour of the NDA again. It is very clear that the NDA is well on course to form the government at the Centre again. People don't believe that they would avail the same benefits and services if they vote for the Congress," Bora said.

Stressing that no one will buy into the Congress's promises going into the Lok Sabha elections, the AGP leader added, "No one can trust the Congress. People know that they are only making promises on the eve of the elections and will forget about them if elected. What did they do in all the years they were in power? The Congress of today is very weak. The NDA came to power in 2014 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has honoured all his commitments since assuming office. The Congress is in disarray and hasn't succeeded in uniting the Opposition either. Sensing that the elections were around the corner, they put together a coalition of Opposition forces. However, the prevailing condition of the Congress and its partners in the Opposition alliance doesn't inspire confidence. In Assam, the Congress's state president said they are fighting in polls in alliance with 17 Opposition parties in the state. However, I doubt if the people know whether these parties actually have any presence on the ground."

Asserting that the BJP-led NDA will win all 14 Lok Sabha seats in Assam, Bora said, "The elections are very close now and we are campaigning extensively across the state. We are contesting two seats--Barpeta and Dhubri, while the BJP is fighting on 11 seats and UPPL in one seat (Kokrajhar). The overall situation is in favour of the NDA. We are hopeful of winning all 14 seats in the state."

On the National Register for Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the AGP president said such issues will not impact the elections.

"The CAA is not a new issue and neither is the NRC for the people of Assam. One needs to consider the situation in Assam before the assembly polls in 2021 and the one thereafter," Bora said.

Recalling the Assam Accord, the AGP leader said it was signed in 1985 after a six-year-long agitation.

"The Congress failed to implement Clause 6 of the Assam Accord. As many as 855 people died in the Congress regime, during the Assam agitation. The Congress has always pulled out all stops to strengthen its vote bank. Our borders were opened during the Congress regime, enabling outsiders to cross over," Bora said.

He said the country's development will reach new heights once the NDA is elected for a consecutive third term at the Centre.

"The people have been reposing their trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The support for the PM has grown manifold since the last term and the same will be reflected in the ballot boxes this time. People want a stable government. Now, the situation is such that there is no Opposition," Bora said.

He claimed that the AGP will win both seats they are contesting.

"The main issue of these elections is development and people will vote for it. People only want development, as they are deriving wholesome benefits from the NDA government," Bora said.

He informed that his party will not release a separate election manifesto this time.

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