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Nitin Gadkari takes test ride of sky bus in Sharjah

Gadkari has made a stopover in Sharjah while returning back to India from his Prague tour.

Nitin Gadkari takes test ride of sky bus in Sharjah

Nitin Gadkari took test ride of sky bus in Sharjah (Images: X/Nitin Gadkari)

NEW DELHI: Union minister Nitin Gadkari has visited the pilot certification and experience centre of uSky Technology in Sharjah, UAE and took a test ride of its Sky Bus.

Gadkari has made a stopover in Sharjah while returning back to India from his Prague tour.

In Shahjah, he also experienced the safety and evacuation demo showcased by the uSky Technology.

"uSky Technology has developed Sky Bus solutions, and iSky Mobility has tied up with uSky to bring these mobility services to India," Union Minister for Transport and Highways Gadkari wrote on his X timeline.

"Sky Bus offers a sustainable, congestion-free urban mobility solution, reducing pollution and traffic congestion while providing efficient mobility for urban residents. Moreover, its elevated rail cable system minimizes land use, making it a valuable addition to the nation's mobility infrastructure," he added. According to uSky, its vehicles move above the ground on a unique-design elevated overpass ensure a number of advantages: optimized aerodynamics, increased speed, unprecedented safety, rational use of land and resources, minimized environmental harm caused by transport.

In addition, the cost of construction and operation is significantly lower compared to existing transport solutions.

Gadkari was also on an official tour to the Czech Republic on October 2, where he participated in the ministerial session on Road Safety at the 27th World Road Congress in Prague. On the sidelines, he interacted with various international organizations, academia, industry, and domain experts and stakeholders. Gadkari, who himself is a big enthusiast of sustainability mobility solutions, on Monday took a test drive in a hydrogen bus by Skoda during his stay in Prague.

In a post on X, the Office of Nitin Gadkari wrote, "Hydrogen buses hold significant promise in reducing carbon emissions and addressing environmental concerns, contributing to a cleaner and greener future."

In January this year, Union Cabinet approved the National Green Hydrogen Mission, aiming to make India a global hub for such technologies' production, utilization, and export. The green hydrogen mission will gradually lead to the decarbonization of industrial, transport, and energy sectors, and a reduction in dependence on imported fossil fuels, among others. On Tuesday, he took a test ride in a 24-metre long world's longest overhead power electric trolley bus, developed by Skoda in Prague. The bus is currently under experimentation.

"After successful operation, it could become a very cost-effective alternative to highly capital-intensive metro systems, especially on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stretches where dedicated lines for this bus, similar to metro rail, would enhance public transportation infrastructure," Gadkari posted on X.

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