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"Mera koi waris nahi hai, 140 crore deshwasi hi mere waris hain": PM Modi

Addressing an election rally in the North East Delhi constituency, the Prime Minister said that he has never lived for himself but for his countrymen.

Mera koi waris nahi hai, 140 crore deshwasi hi mere waris hain: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (ANI)

NEW DELHI: Calling 140 crore countrymen as his successors, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that when he left home 60 years ago he was not aware that countrymen would become his family, adding that he is working round the clock for the betterment of them.

PM Modi further said that every head of the family thinks of transferring his savings to his successor, therefore, for him, "140 crore deshwasi, wahi mere waris hain".

Addressing an election rally in the North East Delhi constituency, the Prime Minister said that he has never lived for himself but for his countrymen.

"50–60 years ago, when I left my home, I did not even know that one day I would hoist the Tricolour at the Red Fort. I did not know then that 140 crore Indians would become my family. I have never lived for myself, I am working towards the betterment of your and your kids future. It is natural that a family head thinks of its next generation, but Mera koi waris nahi hai. 140 crore deshwasi, wahi mere waris hain (I have no heir, 140 crore countrymen are my heir) and that is why I am working day and night for you," Prime Minister Modi said.

The Prime Minister then mocked the pitiable condition of Congress, saying that the party that ruled Delhi for four generations has become incapable of fielding a candidate from 10 Janpath.

"Four generations of Congress ruled Delhi, but today they do not have the strength to contest four seats in Delhi. Congress is not able to fight even where a darbar is being held at 10 Janpath," he said.

He further said that INDIA bloc is leaving no opportunity to loot the people of Delhi.

"INDIA alliance is busy destroying Delhi. They are not leaving any opportunity to loot the people of Delhi. These people had come in the name of eliminating corruption, but today they are in jail due to scams worth crores of rupees," the PM said.

Prime Minister said that this Lok Sabha election is to protect the country from those powers who want to bankrupt the country.

"This is the time when Bharat is taking a leap for development. 2024 elections is to make India one of the top three economies in the world. This election is also to protect the country's economy from powers that want to bankrupt the country with their policies. It is also to protect the poor and middle class from those who want to snatch away their wealth," he said.

PM Narendra Modi also met the Pakistani refugees who got Indian citizenship under the Citizenship Amendment Act recently. Calling the INDIA bloc "opportunistic," the PM said that opposition parties held Delhi hostage for the appeasement of its vote bank.

"This opportunistic alliance can also spread violence in the country for appeasement. Remember, when the CAA law came, they held Delhi hostage for months. First, they blocked the roads, then caused riots. But today, their lies have been exposed. Refugees who have lived in Delhi for years are getting citizenship," he said.

PM Modi further said that he wants to make the lives of people in Delhi easier.

"We are working to regularise the unauthorised colonies in Delhi. Alongside that, we are working to provide slum dwellers with pucca houses," he said.

He further slammed previous governments for not building a National War Memorial.

"After independence, the soldiers of the country kept demanding a 'National War Memorial'. Look at the misfortune of the country, until Modi came, the governments of the country did not understand the importance of building a 'War Memorial' in honour of the brave soldiers of the country. About 35,000 police personnel died while protecting the people of the country. The police personnel of the country had to wait for 70 years for the 'Police Memorial'. It was built only when Modi came," he said.

The Prime Minister further said that "global leaders were awestruck" by the transformation of Delhi when they visited the national capital for the G20 Summit in September 2023.

"Today, Delhi boasts modern convention centers like Bharat Mandapam and Yashobhoomi, along with landmarks such as the National War Memorial and the New Parliament building, enhancing our sense of pride!" he said.

He also said that 2024 Lok Sabha elections are crucial to defeating the mindset of nepotism.

"This mindset has shattered the dreams of our youth for decades, and to defeat those forces that want to weaken India... Indian politics needs a stable government. The national capital must become attraction for the world. That’s why the country needs ‘Phir ek baar, Modi sarkar," PM said.

Voting in Delhi for all seven Lok Sabha seats will be held in a single phase on May 25. BJP's Manoj Tiwari is in the electoral fray against Congress candidate Kanhaiya Kumar in the North East Delhi Lok Sabha seat.

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