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Khan calls Vijayan, SFI bullies, says not frightened by their acts

Citing top court decision, Guv claims VCs can’t take orders from the political executive.

Khan calls Vijayan, SFI bullies, says not frightened by their acts

SFI staged black flag protest march outside Calicut Univ.

MALAPPURAM: Hardening his stance against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and the CPI(M)’s student outfit SFI, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Monday called them “bullies” and said he was “not going to be frightened” by them.

The Governor referred to the CM as “a bully while responding to a query from reporters regarding Vijayan’s statement a day ago that Khan was ‘attempting to destroy’ the peace in the southern state by making provocative statements.

“You know his (Vijayan’s) history? How many murder cases he is involved in? What will a bully say? How am I provoking? If I nominate CPI(M) people to the senate, then it is ok?” Khan asked.

He also referred to the Students’ Federation of India (SFI) activists as bullies. “If they want to hurt me, they are most welcome. I am asking, come here. If you want to hurt me, come here. Why don’t you come?

“They are only bullies. They are not students. All students belong to SFI? No other student has protested, it is only SFI.

Why? Because after the Supreme Court judgement, they realise they cannot control and run the universities,” Khan said. As an example of the alleged “misuse and abuse” of powers by the ruling Left in the state with regard to universities, Khan claimed that in Calicut University, six carpenters were appointed when there was only a vacancy for one.

“They were misusing and abusing. They cannot anymore now that the SC has made the position absolutely clear that they have no role. That is what has upset them. I am telling through you (media) that the Vice-Chancellors (VCs) have to mend their ways. If I hear that they are succumbing to the pleasure of the politicians...,” he said. Khan said that in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision, the VCs cannot take instructions from the political executive.

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