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"For next 10 years it will be PM Modi only" says Home Minister Amit Shah

Even after being Chief Minister and Prime Minister for 23 years, I have not seen him taking leave

For next 10 years it will be PM Modi only says Home Minister Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah (Photo/ANI)

NEW DELHI: Union Home Minister Amit Shah while speaking at the Republic TV Summit 2024 on Thursday emphasised the good work put in by the government in the last 10 years and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will continue to govern for the next ten years.

Asked about the political outlook for the next ten years Home Minister Amit said, "There is a dynamic democracy in our country which evaluates performances and gives its mandate depending on that. The mood and mandate in the past used to be based on caste, creed and religion and on the basis of appeasement. Now PM Modi has established politics of performance. Performance will determine who stays in power, the country will give an opportunity to those who perform. If we perform well, we will stay in power, if we do not control our drawbacks then we will not win. Because you have asked about the next 10 years, I can tell you that for the next 10 years it will be Prime Minister Narendra Modi only."

The Home Minister also hit out at RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav for raising question on the absence of the Prime Minister's family "People who are trying to lower the level of country's politics by talking nonsense, the public is giving them a befitting reply each time. I have seen Modi ji very closely, have worked with him for a long time. In a sense, Lalu ji has rightly said that Modi ji has no family. Because those who have families, try to make their sons and daughters Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers" Amit Shah said "Modi ji has worked only and only for the people of the country for 40 years.

Even after being Chief Minister and Prime Minister for 23 years, I have not seen him taking leave. I have seen PM Modi working diligently from 5 am in the morning to 1 am in the night. And it is a result of that there is such a large cadre with him" the Home Minister added. Amit Shah further said there has never been any allegations of corruption against PM Modi. "In a democracy, the people of the country answer every question raised against the government. Leaders who scammed the citizens are now absconding. In 23 years of Modi ji's tenure, first as the Chief Minister and then as the Prime Minister, there has not been a single allegation against him.

Even the opposition cannot blame Modi ji for anything, such is the transparency with which he works" Amit Shah said "We have had our government at the centre for 10 years. But even our opponents cannot blame Modi ji for even 4 annas worth of corruption. We have governed with transparency," Amit Shah added. The Home Minister stressed that the Prime Minister and the BJP were working to realise the dreams of all Indians.

"Ever since the formation of our party, since independence, the dreams of Indians have remained our political agenda. People did not sacrifice their lives for an India which is poor, unsafe or does not have a standing in the world. People were martyred for the dream of a strong and prosperous India. That dream was, is, and will remain our mission and vision for India" he said. The Home Minister emphasised that in 2047, India would transform into a developed nation. He also reiterated that the Citizenship Amendment Act will be implemented before the Lok Sabha elections. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), 2019 was passed by the Parliament in December 2019.

The Union Home Minister said, "This will be implemented before the elections...this is the law of the country, no one can stop it, this is set in stone, this is the reality." Shah also batted for the Uniform Civil Code saying that this is not only the agenda of the BJP, but also the vision of constitutional assembly and included in Article 44 of the constitution.

"Unfortunately, UCC has been associated with religion. Today I want to tell the people of the country that UCC is not just the agenda of BJP, but since 1950 we have been saying that when we come to power, we will bring UCC to this country. Since 1950, 'Uniform Civil Code' has been a part of our manifesto. If you expect the State to be secular, then the laws of the State must also be secular. Personal laws based on religious domination can never give us a secular State," Home Minister Amit Shah said.

Amit Shah also hit out at the Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal alleging that the state government was corrupt and indulging in rampant appeasement. The Union Home Minister said "The governance in Bengal is corrupt, with appeasement based on unjust religion. It is very important for the security of the country that there should be change, and the BJP is fighting for that change. I also request the people of Bengal to support us. People should elect a strong representation from Bengal under the leadership of Modi ji. We want to make Bengal Sonar Bangla again."

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