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‘Want to do music video featuring Chennai people, vibrant autorickshaws’

According to the Raanjhan Ve singer, the music scene in the country is evolving and the independent music culture is gaining its lost charm

‘Want to do music video featuring Chennai people, vibrant autorickshaws’

Purva during her concert in Chennai

CHENNAI: Although Purva Mantri comes from a music family, her journey into the music industry wasn’t an easy one. Music is in Purva’s genes because her great-grandfather, grandfather and mother were into classical and folk music. “My parents used to tell me that I am the happiest soul in the world as I had an opportunity to turn my passion into a profession,” says Purva, an independent artisteand musician.

Purva decided not to follow the usual path during her school days. Instead, she pursued something creative and studied music for her undergraduate degree. She performs live concerts and records Bollywood songs in the studio. Her first solo concert in Surat, in front of 15,000 people, greatly encouraged her.

Discussing the difference between concerts and studios, she shares, “Studio gives space for retakes, which is not possible on stage. During live performances, we have to give our best and the energy level exhibited is also totally different. Moreover, the audience plays a huge role in concerts.” She believes that the artiste should take care of the preferences and energy of the audience. “Concerts are not just about the artistes on stage, but majorly about the audience,” she adds.

Purva’s mother was her first guru, while her father served as a tough critic. Recalling her first live concert in Surat, Purva remembers her father’s feedback: ‘You were like meditating on stage, Purva, connecting with the universe and the audience. The energy you gave off was so positive.’ “This moment stands out as my greatest appreciation,” she recalls.

Apart from being a part of many Bollywood songs like Kala Sha Kala, she has performed in various international concerts as well. Purva is planning a world tour, covering Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. She has worked with renowned musicians like Sonu Nigam and Vishal Shekhar. Purva also has two Bollywood songs in her pipeline. But she doesn’t want to wait for the right time to grab opportunities and rather just wants to keep singing.

“Music is a language of purity and love. In India, we have a diverse culture of music, which is rich towards folk and classical. Such music is well appreciated and received even abroad, where the foreigners’ vibe for Indian folk music,” says, Purva, who also plays tabla since Class 4. When comparing the work culture between the Indian and international music industries, the independent artiste reflects, “I find a higher level of professionalism in the International music scene, whereas the Indian industry is warm and friendly.”

Purva Mantri

According to the Raanjhan Ve singer, the music scene in the country is evolving and the independent music culture is gaining its lost charm. “The current generation audience leans more towards Western music. However, it is the responsibility of the musicians to focus more on traditional music. We can explore different genres by pushing our main culture ahead. That is why all my works will have an Indian touch to it,” remarks the 28-year-old. The musician recently visited Chennai for a performance and was taken away by two things. “People here are sweet and welcoming. Another feature I loved about Chennai is the vibrant yellow colour autorickshaws. I want to do a music video incorporating both,” she laughs.

“The audience in Chennai is full of life and energy. In South India, the love and admiration for celebrities are genuine and unconditional. Every time I have visited Chennai, the love and respect has increased multifold,” concludes the singer.

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