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Flood warning issued to low-lying areas after 200 cusecs of water released from Chembarambakkam Lake

As rains inundated several areas in Chennai, 200 cubic feet of surplus water was released at 10 am from Chembarambakkam Lake

Flood warning issued to low-lying areas after 200 cusecs of water released from Chembarambakkam Lake

Chembarambakkam Lake

CHENNAI: After 200 cusecs of water was released from the Chembarambakkam Lake, people residing in low-lying areas have been issued a flood warning.

The water was released at 10 am on Tuesday morning.

The flood warning was issued for low-lying areas and six villages along the banks of the Adyar River after the release of surplus water from the lake.

The recent rains led to water stagnation and flooding in several areas, and this has led to the discharge of excess water from the reservoir, as announced earlier this month.

As Kancheepuram continues to receive mild to moderate rains, the district administration has issued a flood warning to the people in the low-lying areas along the banks of the Adyar River, Sirukalathur Kavanur, Kundradthur Wayampedu, Tiruneermalai and Adyar river near the Chembarambakkam Lake.

At present, Chembarambakkam Reservoir's present storage is 3,195 mcft, which is about 87.65 percent of its storage capacity.

There is currently 22.29 feet of water out of the 24-foot capacity of Chembarambakkam lake.

The lake has a water capacity of 3,645 mcft and while the inflow is 452 cusecs of water, 163 cusecs of water is flowing out. Out of 381 lakes in the Kancheepuram district under the control of the Public Works Department, 45 lakes have reached their full capacity, and 35 lakes have reached 75 per cent of their water capacity.

The Kancheepuram district collector on Tuesday asked the villages that are in the low-lying areas to be alert.

The people, who are in Thiruneermalai, Thirumudivakkam, Kundrathur, Sirukalathur, Kavanur, and Valudiyampedu are also asked to be alert.

The district also requested the public not to visit the Chembarambakkam lake unnecessarily since the water flow is high.

The Collector said that people near the river banks should stay safe and should avoid taking selfies or photographs near water bodies.

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