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What made Ridhi Dogra say yes to 'Badtameez Dil'?

Ridhi also discussed the lessons that her character Liz imparts about loving oneself.

What made Ridhi Dogra say yes to Badtameez Dil?

Actor Ridhi Dogra from 'Badtameez Dil' (Image: Instagram)

MUMBAI: After 'Asur 2', actor Ridhi Dogra has come up with a rom-com dramedy 'Badtameez Dil'. The series, which is currently streaming on Amazon MiniTV, is a modern-day tale of love between two completely different individuals falling in love with each other. It portrays complicated human relationships and love, depicting the highs and lows of it.

Barun Sobti, Mallika Dua, Minissha Lamba, and Suparna Marwah are also a part of the show.

Speaking about self-love and experience on the series, Ridhi said, "I have never been a part of a rom-com dramedy genre before, and the story intrigued me. Even though it's a genre we're all familiar with, when you see the show, you see how refreshing and relevant it is. I think Ekta has done what she does best, narrating the same story with brand new storytelling techniques, and touching upon some very real subjects and covering all sorts of relationship issues along the way is sheer genius." "The story is the real star of the show, as the timeline of the play is so refreshing. It is not a typical hero-heroine series. There is a love story every character is going through and it's telling so much about the world we live in, "she added.

Ridhi also discussed the lessons that her character Liz imparts about loving oneself. "To love yourself and be ok with who you are. If Liz's journey is anything to go by, that's what we see. While you must put yourself first and self-love is great, Liz is someone who likes taking care of people, and is always there for her friends and family., I'd like to tell every person falling in love to do it for the right reasons. Do your part of loving yourself. Work on being a better version of yourself and the right person will come right along", she shared.

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