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Vaa Pogalam offers a sense of healing: Suryansh

In this interview with DT Next, musician Suryansh talks about his recently released song Vaa Pogalam, which is the Tamil version of Chal Phir Wahin, packed with emotions and hope

Vaa Pogalam offers a sense of healing: Suryansh

Vaa Pogalam still

CHENNAI: Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, playback singer, composer, and music producer, Suryansh performed his first stage show at the age of four. He debuted as a singer-songwriter with Chal Phir Wahin, that released earlier this year. Suryansh is on cloud nine as the Tamil version of the song, which was unveiled recently is getting huge appreciation.

Titled, Vaa Pogalam, the song aims to give hope to those who have experienced the pain of loss, emphasizing the idea that loved ones continue to exist beyond this world. A blend of contemporary beats and emotive vocals, the song has lyrics penned by Krithika Nelson, whose previous work includes, Ponniyin Selvan.

Suryansh’s notable works are Mili, Vikram Vedha, Dil Bechara, Atrangi Re, Mimi, House of Secrets and Ponniyin Selvan, among others. Here, he shares interesting tidbits about Vaa Pogalam, his upcoming projects, and how music bridges the cultural gap and reaches a wider audience. Excerpts from the interview:

Vaa Pogalam is slow yet deep and melodious and has garnered more than one lakh views. Do you believe that you have achieved what you set out for with the song?

Vaa Pogalam is indeed a slow, melodious piece that has resonated with many, and I’m incredibly grateful for the overwhelming response. The goal was to create a song that touches people deeply, offering a sense of healing. The positive reception, especially from renowned figures in the south Indian film industry, was truly exciting and validating.

The locations are exotic. The recce for the shoot must have been as interesting as the pre-production of composition. Take us through the journey.

Absolutely, the locations for the shoot were breathtaking. Exploring the uncharted territories of Goa was an adventure in itself. Trekking through multiple spots, one particularly memorable scene involved sitting on a cliff. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but the final video made all the efforts worthwhile.

Krithika Nelson is a most sought-after lyricist. What made you zero in on her for Vaa Pogalam apart and what made her agree despite her wearing several hats?

Krithika’s involvement in the song was a natural choice. Her exceptional talent and previous work made her the perfect fit. Her commitment to the art was evident from the moment she agreed to write the song. She’s not just talented but also admired by everyone involved.

To compose, produce, sing and to act in it is versatility at its peak. Did it get too demanding at any point?

Wearing multiple hats – composing, producing, singing, and acting in the song – was undoubtedly a whirlwind experience. While the musical aspect flowed more naturally, ensuring the emotional essence remained intact. The editing process was challenging yet immensely rewarding.

Throw us some light on your upcoming projects?

I have an array of projects lined up for the future. There are multilingual films in the pipeline and some exciting collaborations for independent songs. I prefer to let these projects unfold themselves organically, promising some remarkable endeavours ahead.

Kaushik Rajaraman
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