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'Thangalaan would celebrate untold moments in our history'

The teaser shows that the film will have a rather bleak, dark, and morose tone and opens with the words

Thangalaan would celebrate untold moments in our history

Thangalaan team at the teaser launch event (Photo: Hemanathan.M)

CHENNAI: The teaser of Chiyaan Vikram's 'Thangalaan' opened to rousing reception on Wednesday. Vikram essays a tribal fighter who only looks out for his own people. Vikram’s tribe is unwelcoming to foreigners and will spill blood if they detect even an ounce of threat. The teaser shows that the film will have a rather bleak, dark, and morose tone and opens with the words, “As myth leads to history, as greed leads to destruction, as blood wars lead to liberty, rises the son of gold.”

Talking about his working experience in the film, Vikram said, "Thangalaan will tell you one of the many untold stories that happened in India. My dad has always said that we need to celebrate the good and never forget the bad. This is something I realised when I shot for Thangalaan that celebrates an important event in history." He also reminisced about the shooting days of this film. "Be it the weather or my costume or the terrains we shot, things were difficult. However, I enjoyed the process so much that when I entered the sets the next day, it was refreshing. Thanks to Pa Ranjith," added Vikram.

Answering a question from DT Next on working with national award winners Vikram and GV Prakash, director Pa Ranjith said, "It was a long wait for me to work with Vikram sir. As soon as he gave his nod, I told him Thangalaan's script. Moreover, I knew that I had to get the best out of him. Be it Pasupathy or Parvathi or any other actor on the sets, I would normally approve the take. It wasn't the case with him, every time I asked for a retake he gave something better. GV Prakash is beyond what I describe. He is a charm to work with and once he grasps the scene's mood, he gives tunes even before I could finish narrating it to him."

Kaushik Rajaraman
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