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Content-rich narratives are soul of cinema: Rakshit on backing 'Mithya'

When Shetty first heard the concept of "Mithya", it resonated deeply with him, said the producer

Content-rich narratives are soul of cinema: Rakshit on backing Mithya

Rakshit Shetty

MUMBAI: It's important to support content-driven movies as they are the soul of cinema, says actor-filmmaker Rakshit Shetty, who has backed the upcoming Kannada feature film "Mithya".

The coming-of-age film narrates the story of an 11-year-old boy Mithun, fondly called Mithya, who is dealing with the loss of his parents.

Shetty, who recently won the National Award for his Kannada production "777 Charlie", said there is space for both big-budget and content-backed films in Indian cinema.

"While larger-than-life cinema has its place and plays a crucial role in keeping the industry vibrant, content-rich narratives are the soul of cinema. In recent times, we've witnessed a surge in the appreciation for such stories.

"They have not only drawn substantial audiences to theatres but also reconnected with viewers who may have drifted away. I believe it's incredibly important to support films that offer substance and depth," Shetty told PTI when asked why he decided to back "Mithya".

"Mithya", which recently had its world premiere at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023, marks director Sumanth Bhat's debut feature movie.

Bhat said the narrative of the film is based on his personal experience.

"I saw these kids at the funeral, and the younger one was quite lost, not sure of what was happening. I don't think the kid had any idea about the gravity of the situation. Later, when I decided to make my first feature, that was something I wanted to explore (grief).

"The visuals of seeing the little kids at their parent's funeral haunted me for days. How would the little kids come to terms (with their parent's death)? How long before the wounds heal or do they even heal? How do children grieve? 'Mithya' was an attempt to find answers to these questions," he added.

When Shetty first heard the concept of "Mithya", it resonated deeply with him, said the producer.

"The very idea of how this delicate subject will be approached was intriguing and I knew that supporting a project of this calibre was an opportunity I couldn't pass up,” he said, adding, they plan to release the movie in selected multiplexes and later on a streamer.

Acknowledging the success of Kannada films such as the "KGF" franchise, "Kantara", and his film "777 Charlie", Shetty said the industry needs to stay focused on storytelling to maintain the momentum.

"To sustain this momentum, we need to continue to emphasise on the core essence of filmmaking, which is storytelling. We must consistently present intriguing concepts and, most importantly, remain faithful to the narrative throughout its production. This will ensure that the film resonates with its intended audience and will also maintain the industry's upward trajectory," he said.

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