TMC promises Rs 5K to every woman head of house in Goa

The Trinamool Congress (TMC) on Saturday made a major pre-poll promise in Goa guaranteeing the payment of Rs 5,000 to every woman head of the household, if the party comes to power in the 2022 state Assembly polls.
TMC promises Rs 5K to every woman head of house in Goa
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According to the party's Lok Sabha MP Mahua Moitra, the scheme, which has already been implemented by the party in West Bengal, would benefit nearly 3.51 lakh households in the coastal state.
"The 'Griha Laxmi' initiative is a pioneering and transformative scheme for the people of Goa. The scheme has already been implemented in West Bengal," Moitra said on Saturday.
"The monthly benefit of Rs 5,000 will be made available through direct benefit cash transfer. As many as 3.51 lakh households will be covered under the scheme," Moitra said.
 She also said that the scheme would be universal in nature irrespective of caste, community or economic criteria.
"Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee's study says that demonetisation and Covid have shrunk the economy. The best thing is to kickstart the economy and local economy is to pump in money. If a woman gets Rs 5000 in her hand, she can buy clothes for the children and medicines. That money goes into the economy faster. The Multiplier effect is faster," Moitra said, adding that the party would be taking the scheme "door to door" during the ongoing state Assembly election campaign.

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