Day after scare, Gudalur man-eater tiger responds to treatment at Mysuru zoo

A day after reports of the Gudalur man-eater tiger’s health deterioration surfaced, officials said its treatment at the Mysuru zoo has begun in earnest and that the animal has been showing signs of recuperation.
Day after scare, Gudalur man-eater tiger responds to treatment at Mysuru zoo
MDT-23 in the Mysuru Zoo


The tiger’s health remains stable and it has begun to consume food. “Usually, wild tigers show an aversion towards food given by human beings. But after initial despondency, MDT-23 slowly started adapting to the changes and preyed on a live chicken and took six kilograms of beef served by the zoo staff. It also drank enough water,” Chief Wildlife Warden Shekhar Kumar Niraj said.
The animal turned extremely weak and was apparently starving for more than a fortnight due to the intense search operations by the Forest Department after it killed two shepherds within a month and more than a dozen cattle in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR).
In contrast to the ferocity exhibited by MDT-23 in its wilder home turf, the animal has stayed calm and composed in its chamber in the zoo. “There are nine other tigers in the zoo and they all appear aggressive, whereas MDT-23 has remained calm,” he added.
The zoo has a team of veterinarians, who are closely monitoring the health parameters of the animal. The tiger continues to be under medication for its live wounds with some infested with germs. “Depending on its recovery process, a decision would be taken whether to bring the animal to Vandalur zoo. However, as the tiger is past 10 years of age, it may not be able to hunt on its own. Therefore, there is a remote possibility of reintroducing the tiger into the wild,” the official said.
The Forest Department managed to capture the animal near Masinagudi check post on Friday after pursuing it for several weeks.

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