Nagpur tailor kills 5 kin before committing suicide

In a sensational development, a man working as a tailor, allegedly killed five members of his family before ending his own life, police said here on Monday.
Nagpur tailor kills 5 kin before committing suicide


The shocking incident, which took place at the family's home near Pachpau Phata in the Tehsil area of the city, came to light on Monday after locals complained.
"As per preliminary information, the person Alok Matulkar, 50, allegedly killed his wife and their son and daughter, besides strangulating his mother-in-law  Lakshmi Bobade, sister-in-law Amisha, before hanging himself," said a police official from Tahsil.
"It is not yet clear when the incident may have occurred but came to light today. We are investigating the circumstances behind it from all angles" the zonal  Deputy Commissioner of Police Lohit Matani told IANS.
The bodies have been removed and sent for an autopsy while police are questioning the people in the neighbourhood and the victims' relatives to ascertain the  motives resulting in the six deaths.
As per initial reports, there was reportedly a bitter family feud between Matulkar and his sister-in-law that may have triggered the ghastly multiple crime that has sent shockwaves in the state's second capital.

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