Streets strewn with stones, footwear after Delhi Gate violence

Stones, footwear and blood stains on streets were the remnants of a protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, which began peacefully at Jama Masjid but ended with arson two kilometres away near the Daryaganj police station on Friday.
Streets strewn with stones, footwear after Delhi Gate violence
Photo courtesy: PTI

New Delhi

Police used water cannon and resorted to lathi charge to disperse protestors as they hurled stones at security personnel.
Some people, who, police said, were "outsiders" set ablaze a car outside the police station near Delhi Gate and several vehicles were also damaged during the protest.
Throughout the day, announcements were made by a local mosque urging protesters to disperse but the pleas fell on deaf ears.
"You have registered your protest. Please go back to your homes," the mosque announced at regular intervals.
By evening, the protesters grew impatient and a clash ensued between them and security personnel, which saw the demonstrators hurling stones and police using water cannon and resorting to lathicharge to disperse them.
The situation grew tense when some of them burnt the car and vandalised several vehicles parked in the bylanes of Daryaganj.
The Rapid Action Force (RAF) is now conducting a flag march in the area.
Delhi Police PRO Mandeep Singh Randhawa, however, said, "We used mild force and water cannon but did not use tear gas and lathicharge."
He said, "Outsiders were involved in the violence that broke out after the protest. Outsiders were provoking them."
"We have detained many and their role will be probed. Several police personnel have been injured in the violence. Our Joint CP has also been injured by stone pelting. The crowd had come from outside," he said Randhawa also said the protests were largely peaceful and insisted that it were the "outsiders" who were inciting the people, many of whom, he said, had already dispersed before the violence broke out.
Many among those who were detained were heard pleading that they were protestors, but not involved in the violence, and had merely been caught in its cross hairs.
The anti-CAA protests had begun as the contentious law was passed in Lok Sabha on December 11, it was on Friday that violence broke out over it.
On Sunday, the protests took on severe proportions when protestors torched vehicles prompting the police to barge the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia leading to injuries to students.

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