Post-ASAT, India sees role in drafting space laws

India said on Saturday it is looking to play a role in drafting international laws on different aspects of outer space as a major space faring nation with proven technology such as ground-based direct hit deterrence capability.
Post-ASAT, India sees role in drafting space laws
The ASAT missile launched from Abdul Kalam island off the coast of Odisha on March 27

New Delhi

Addressing the media for the first time after the anti-satellite launch on March 27 along with Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) G Satheesh Reddy, Deputy National Security Advisor Pankaj Saran said that India is already actively engaged in all relevant international negotiations on outer space, including a group of experts on prevention of arms race in outer space.
On various responses by the US on India's anti-satellite launch, including the one by NASA administrator James Bridenstine terming it a "terrible thing", Saran said New Delhi treats the State Department statement as official and drew attention to report that NASA has conveyed that it is continuing with ongoing cooperation with India on space including on human space flight mission.
Earlier, Reddy said that India's satellite hit poses no threat to International Space Station (ISS) as first claimed by NASA. Reddy said the Indian test was designed to ensure minimum debris.
He said that simulations showed that there was a possibility of some debris escaping to higher levels, but we can clearly say the possibility of hitting ISS is not there. He said that even NASA has claimed that the risk was for 10 days which are over today. As per the simulation, the entire debris will decay in 45 days.
The DRDO chief said that a low orbit -- below 300 km -- was deliberately chosen to minimize debris. India has the capacity to hit target up to 1000 km and the test was intentionally held at a lower height.
Reacting to Congress leader P Chidambaram's comment that it was foolish to let out secrets such as possession of such a technology, Reddy said mission of this nature post-test cannot be kept secret technically as a satellite is tracked by many stations across the world.

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