Model Code of Conduct in full swing in Nagaland

Nagaland Chief Electoral Officer Abhijit Sinha has asked banks to report daily to the district election officer on suspicious withdrawal of cash from the bank account of any individual.
Model Code of Conduct in full swing in Nagaland
Election Commission of India (ECI)


If cash exceeding Rs 50,000 was found in a vehicle carrying a candidate, his agent or party worker, it would be seized, Sinha said in a statement.
The directives were issued as part of the Model Code of Conduct which is in force in Nagaland in view of the elections to the 60-member Assembly on February 27.
Posters, election materials or drugs, liquor, arms or gifts items valued at more than Rs 10,000, likely to be used for inducement of electors, or any other illicit articles also found in a vehicle, shall also be seized, the statement said.
Sinha also asked citizens carrying cash more than Rs 50,000 to carry relevant documents to substantiate the source and purpose of the money.
The Model Code of Conduct, came into force in the state from January 18.
In the statement issued yesterday, the CEO reiterated the directives issued by the Election Commission on the Model Code of Conduct, electoral offences and election expenditure monitoring.
No new government scheme or project should be announced and those already approved, should not be started, if work on it has not yet begun, the statement said.
Rest houses, dak bungalows or other guest houses of the government should not be used for carrying out any political activity, the statement said.
The CEO said that there should not be any defacement of government property, offices and premises and all wall writings, posters, papers or defacement in any form, hoardings, banners, flags on government property should be immediately removed.
Unauthorized political advertisement in the form of wall writings, flag at public spaces like railway station, bus stand, airport, roadways, government buses, electric poles, and municipal or local bodies building should be removed.
Unauthorized political advertisements at private property should also be removed.
There is a total ban on the use of official vehicles by any political party, candidate or agent for campaigning, electioneering or election-related travel during elections.
The statement said that offering and accepting or receiving of bribe and gratification by any person was both an electoral offence and corrupt practice.
Any promotion or attempt to promote feelings of enmity or hatred on the ground of religion, race, caste, community, or language by any candidate or his election agent is an electoral offence and corrupt practice under the law, the statement said.
The CEO said any advertisement on political nature has to obtain pre-certification from concerned authorities.
He also apprised that Media Certification and Monitoring Committees (MCMC) have been set up at district levels and also at state level.

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