Forget bygones, let's unite, Modi tells Gujaratis

Riding high on the BJPs sixth consecutive victory in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asked Gujaratis to "forget" what happened in the last two-three months and come together to work for the development of the state.
Forget bygones, let's unite, Modi tells Gujaratis
PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi

"Despite the victory and the huge support that you gave us, I would like to say that 6.5 crore Gujaratis are one, and have the ambition of moving ahead," Modi said.
"Leave behind what happened, forget who did what and let's come together and unite. Not a single Gujarati is separate from us. Join hands once again," Modi said in an emotional appeal to the people of his home state.
In a clear allusion to the Congress joining forces with the Patidars on the promise of caste quota, Modi said that some people "played their tricks" to divide the Gujaratis but could not succeed. 
"You defeated them, but they would still continue with their tricks. Therefore with the mantra of unity and brotherhood, all should walk together...We will have to be more vigilant now," he added.
Modi said by voting his party back to power, the people of Gujarat have chosen "the path of development". 
He said the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP's) serial victories -- from municipal bodies to state assemblies -- are a stamp of approval for his "reformative" policies, including the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
"If India has to progress, it will have to scale new heights of development...It was being said before the Gujarat elections that the GST would finish BJP. But we have got huge mandates from the (recently held) municipal bodies elections in Maharashtra and other places to the assembly elections," Moid said.
He said the results have proved the country is ready for reform and the middle class is asserting itself and "wants its aspirations fulfilled very soon". 
Speaking on Himachal Pradesh results, where the BJP too won, Modi said: "Himachal results prove that if you do not do development, if you indulge in misdeeds and that is your priority, then public does not accept you after five years."
Modi said that the Gujarat victory is not "ordinary" as it is the sixth consecutive victory in spite of his moving from Gujarat to the Centre.
"We did not get the honour of fighting for the country's freedom. But we do have the chance to devote ourselves fully and to toil hard for the progress and development of this country," Modi said.

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