Congress, BJP spar in Lok Sabha over 'intolerance'

Congress and BJP today sparred in the Lok Sabha over the issue of "intolerance" after the opposition party raked up the instances like killing of writers and attack on women, dalits and Muslims allegedly in the name of cow protection.
Congress, BJP spar in Lok Sabha over 'intolerance'
Indian Parliament

New Delhi

The BJP hit back, saying some "pesduo seculars" and political parties are giving a communal colour and playing politics over the issue.
Speaking during the Supplementary Demands for Grants, KC Venugopal of Congress said there is "rising intolerance" in the country with instances of attack on writers like Govind Pansare and MM Kalburgi.
He also lashed out at the government over the recent incidents of attack on dalits, Muslims and women by cow vigilante groups.
Venugopal said there cannot be good economic growth with such "intolerance" and a sustainable economy can be achieved with Freedom, Fraternity and Equality.
Hitting back, BJP member Hukum Singh said "some political parties" have made this a programme and this is a "blot on secularism".
"This has become a fashion and we oppose this fashion. We are from the family of farmers and we know how much faith we have in our minds for cows. Today, if any small or big things happens, they shout in public and create confusion in the minds. This is spreading confusion in the minds of people.
"Then why was the cow protection law made? Some political parties have made this is a programme. This is not secularism, but a blot on secularism. We eat cow ghee, so we should have faith in our minds for cow," Singh said.
The BJP MP noted that some people "politicise" the issue in the name of religion and play politics over it.
"They are pseudo seculars and we protest this," he said as he hit back at Congress for raising the issue.

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