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Caring for skincare and makeup products and tools

Our makeup kits and skincare products are some of our best companions. They make us look like queens and give us that spirit-lifting double-take.

Caring for skincare and makeup products and tools
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 But since they do so much for us, it is only fair that we give back something in return. Knowing how to care for your beauty products is essential if you want them to be effective and long-lasting. Shivani Sharma, Co-Founder, Aanam Sutras shares simple yet effective tricks for achieving this goal.

- Sharing isn't always caring

The most important thing to keep in mind when caring for your makeup and skincare products is not to share them with anyone - even your besties. While you may get a frown or two for doing so, it'll prolong the life of your beauty products significantly - and if they're really your besties, they'll understand. Once these products come in contact with someone else's skin, they may get contaminated and could even harm you.

- Always check the expiry date

If you're in the habit of just picking your products off the shelf and lathering them on your face, you are in need of a reality check. When you buy the product, take a note of the expiry date and examine the products regularly to ensure you do not use them once they've reached that date.

- Keep your brushes tidy

Your makeup brushes need that extra bit of care as they are used to putting most of the makeup on the face. Sometimes the products may get stuck in between the bristles and if you do not clean them regularly, you may end up with rashes, itchy skin, or worse. Make it a point to thoroughly wash your brushes once a week at least, especially the concealer brushes. Clean them gently with mild soap to wash off the excess product lodged between the bristles and let them dry completely before using them again.

- Don't let your products become a breeding ground for bacteria

Products such as eyeliner need extra care as you do not want to invite bacteria into your eyes. Sanitize them weekly by dabbing them in a small amount of spirit. One of the best advice is to change your makeup products for years - as much as you love them - and store your makeup products in a cool, dry place. Moisture is the worst enemy of such products.

- Don't leave your skincare products in the open

Make sure you have some extra time on your hands when you're getting ready to go out so that you don't leave your skincare products on your dresser in a hurry. As good as these products look on the shelf, they'll last you a long time if you store them in cold, dark, and dry places.

- Oil-based products last longer than water-based ones

Skincare products are usually of two kinds - oil-based and water-based. It has long been proven that oil-based products last longer than water-based ones, so make your pick wisely. If you are, however, inclined towards buying water-based products anyway, make sure you treat them right like we discussed above.

- Keep your fingers to yourself

As clean as your hands may look to the naked eye, you can be certain that they are contaminated with bacteria. Putting your fingers to draw out your skincare products like creams, lotions, etc., can ruin them really quickly. Instead, use a plastic or wooden stick to take the product out of its packaging.

These tips may sound simple but very few women actually follow them. If you want your makeup to last as long as your beauty - perhaps even further - then make sure to abide by them!

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