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Start-up by 3 creators launches tool to support writers, artistes

Considered to be the world’s first creator-centric ecosystem, the tool called Canvas will help the creative community streamline their work and monetise content

Start-up by 3 creators launches tool to support writers, artistes
Vignesh Ramaswamy and Raghava KK


In today’s digital world, creators from various fields like art, music, photography, writing, podcasting, filmmaking, etc, are finding it difficult to get engagement and attention from viewers. To make their work more streamlined and easier, three creative entrepreneurs from Chennai, Vignesh Ramaswamy, Raghava KK and Madhan Karky, have launched the world’s first creator-centric ecosystem called Canvas.

Speaking about the platform that will be launched on June 24, Vignesh Ramaswamy, founder of Canvas, says, “Last July, Raghava, Madhan and I were discussing how people are creating new virtual platforms for various things. We noticed that there are no platforms for creators or the creative community in general. Today, almost everyone is a content creator in some way or the other. The modern creator is disembodied and often undervalued. They create in one place, engage with their audience across different places/ channels and find it difficult to monetise their creation.

We wanted to give them a safe space to create easily, connect with their audience and monetise instantly. Creators don’t need any technical skills to use this tool. Canvas will be the world’s first creator-centric tool for modern creative entrepreneurs.” Talking about how the tool is going to be a comprehensive ecosystem for creators, he explains, “For eg, a writer’s content will be spread across various platforms — text content will be on Google docs, photos and videos will be saved somewhere else, etc. This is where Canvas helps — the writer can streamline their work and integrate it easily with all other platforms.” Raghava KK, the founding vision director of Canvas says that with the tool, the team wanted creators to have complete control of their work. “Creators feel whole when they are personally, professionally and spiritually engaged. We built Canvas so that they can focus on creating, push boundaries of the creative economy and become more enabled as creative entrepreneurs,” Raghava tells DT Next.

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