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AiSh announces new single track 'DNYL'

India-based vocalist AiSh, has gained huge viral recognition with her unique takes on huge tracks by artists like Sidhu Moose Wala, Imram Kahn and more, garnering over 4.8 million YouTube followers and 410 million views since beginning in 2016.

AiSh announces new single track DNYL
Image source: ANI


Notably, her version of Gaddi Lamborghini's 'Satisfya' has over 91 million views since it's release in 2020. She has been putting out new videos every Friday, and most recently her recent collaboration with Emma Heesters for AP Dhillon's 'Brown Munde' has received over 1.2 million views in less than four days.

AiSh now turns her attention and considerable talent to releasing original music, announcing her original debut single, 'DNYL' (out 16/04/2021), a huge pop hit that is sure to solidify AiSh as a star in her own right. Self-written and produced by AiSh, 'DNYL' is a statement of a debut single. Mixing Hindi and English lyrics, the song shows off AiSh's natural ability to craft infectious melodies before building to a massive drop.

Describing the track, AiSh says that DNYL 'is about the feeling after experiencing love: breakup, heartbreak, pain, stress. When you overcome all these things, you don't want to put yourself in the same condition again and again!' In 2016, AiSh began to broadcast her talents regularly on YouTube. Five years and over 410 million views later, she has amassed a dedicated fan base of over 4.8 million people who have become captivated by.

Alongside her considerable YouTube channel, AiSh created a TikTok channel where fans instantly connected with her personality as well as her music, building to 3.8 million followers. Stay tuned for more from AiSh as she prepares to make a stamp on the pop world with DNYL.

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