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Huge need for today's women to accept themselves: Sunny Leone

Actress Sunny Leone feels there is a need in today's women to accept and love themselves in their own skin.

Huge need for todays women to accept themselves: Sunny Leone
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"Women play multiple roles in their life... of a daughter, wife, mother, sister and so on. To make everyone around them happy, they sometimes compromise their real-self," comments Sunny on the occasion of International Women's Day.

Sunny says: "I feel there is such a huge need in the women of today to accept themselves as they are and most importantly to love themselves in their own skin. While make-up does boost one's confidence and transforms a person completely, it's fun to sometimes do the opposite."

The actress has joined short video platform Moj's #Unfiltered campaign that aims to encourage women to break away from social taboos prompting them to be their real and genuine selves without any filter in their lives.

The "Baby Doll" star has participated in the campaign with a transformation video, giving a strong message to her followers and the entire women fraternity, encouraging every woman to bring out her real self and abandon every filter in her life.

In the video, she is seen celebrating winning over the challenges in the form of judgmental and sexist comments, uncalled criticism for her dance steps, non-cooperation from the industry and also, industry boycotting her from awards functions.

She urges, "I would like to encourage all women to come and join me today and celebrate their real-selves without worrying about others. This day belongs to us...the female power. #Unfiltered by Moj has left a lot of influence, as it breaks the barriers of being a masked version and instead unfilter the real-self."

Besides Sunny Leone, Moj #Unfiltered campaign has witnessed immense participation from the women creator community. Many women creators have engaged in this journey of transforming to real-selves on Moj, including the likes of Urfi Javed, Adhvithi Shetty, Daizy, Priyanka Sharma, Priyanka Tyagi, Shivani Kapila, Deepika Das, Divya Upadhyay and many more.

Shashank Shekhar, Director -- Content Strategy, ShareChat and Moj said: "As a platform that promotes self-expression and creativity, it's our constant endeavour to encourage women to be their real selves and not give in to external pressures. We believe in the power of self-worth and with #Unfiltered campaign, we want to inspire each and every woman to follow her passion, let loose, live freely, blaze her own trail and truly be who she is without any fear or hesitation."

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