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Trending in TN: Homemade anti-burglary system, woman turns to a portrait, jackal teases a sleeping lion

Funny, infuriating and heart-warming, videos and memes go viral when they touch the right chord. DT Next curates the top shares online that are going viral.

Trending in TN: Homemade anti-burglary system, woman turns to a portrait, jackal teases a sleeping lion


Woman’s idea of motion sensor water sprinkler helps thwart burglars

A Facebook user, who along with her neighbours was frustrated when thefts increased in her neighbourhood and she devised a plan to thwart robbers. Her unique plan which was posted online caught the attention of netizens who lauded her act. Katie Camarena, posted on her social handle a video of how a motion sensor water sprinkler helped thwart burglars. The video released by Katie shows a burglar on his bicycle nearing her house when he suddenly gets flabbergasted when a jet of water hits him. Katie explained that the motion sensor water sprinkler would spew out water at high speed thereby surprising burglars.

Woman recreates portrait of herself drawn by her daughter a decade ago

A mother decided to appreciate her daughter’s artistic skills by representing a portrait of her that was drawn by her daughter a decade ago. Denise Esktrand posted an image online in which she shared a portrait of herself that was drawn by her daughter ten years back. In the portrait, Denise’s daughter shows that her mother’s eyelashes are outward and that she sports plump lips. Denise, too in her image draws a few eyelashes that stretch to her eyebrows and she even sports brown outlined brows. Her lips too look similar as that in the portrait. Sharing the snap, Denise captioned the image as “Still looks the same.”

Video of witty jackal nipping sleeping lion’s tail amuses Twitterati

In the animal kingdom, you may not know who would end up doing a daring act like in the video released recently. The video posted on Twitter shows a jackal trotting when he comes across a sleeping lion. Not one to back out immediately, the jackal  decides to have a little fun with the lion. He comes close to the lion and suddenly nips its tail and runs away even before the lion wakes up. The video posted by IFS Officer Ramesh Pandey has the caption: Don’t underestimate anyone with his size or power. Animals too have uncanny sense of humour.” Twitterati were amused at the jackal’s quick wit act and lauded its braveness.

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