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Trending in TN: Netizens amazed with fluent english of elderly lady, 10 year old boy lives dream of becoming robot superhero and many more..

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Trending in TN: Netizens amazed with fluent english of elderly lady, 10 year old boy lives dream of becoming robot superhero and many more..


Elderly woman’s crisp, fluent English on Mahatma Gandhi awes internet

Little did a woman realise that her spoken English would be the talk of the town. Netizens were awestruck when an elderly woman clad in a white shirt and a red saree spoke about Mahatma Gandhi and his principle of non violence in crisp and fluent English. The internet was left in wonder when the woman spoke in English about the Father of the Nation, whom she said loved Hindus and Muslims alike. Some even tagged Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, known for his impeccable vocabulary to take note of the woman. Viewed more than a million times, the woman’s speech has won her a lot of appreciation online and some even asked what her rating of English would be.

Man quarantined for COVID-19 earns brickbats online for using daughter’s bottle 

Users online were utterly dismayed when a man released from an isolation centre for novel coronavirus after quarantine, shares a water bottle with his daughter during live interview. However, the man assures the news anchors that he was tested negative for the virus. The US man, who left for China, was quarantined on his return recently. While he was asked to give his opinions about the process, the man broke into cough halfway through the interview. Apart from continuously coughing, the man took his daughter’s water bottle to drink and then passes it back to her. This unexpected action triggered netizens, who commented that his daughter could be a bait for a COVID-19 attack over his negligent behaviour.

Netizens cheer on as 10-year-old boy lives dream of becoming robot superhero 

It was a dream come true for 10-year-old Gaige Pike, who ‘transformed’ into RoboGaige, saving people from collapsed buildings and even stopping a bank robbery-all staged by the police department. The programme was initiated by Make A Wish Foundation and the law enforcement agency in Florida who decided to fulfil Gaige’s wish of being a robot superhero. Gaige is suffering from a heart condition and when Make A Wish Foundation learnt about his wish to save peoples’ lives, they sought the help of the Orange County Sheriff. Users who watched the video motivated him and many even turned up at the County Sheriff’s office to cheer him on. The videos of Gaige at the crime spot were later uploaded by the sheriff on social media, raking in many appreciative comments.

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