Trending in TN: Camouflaged lizard in picture, Archimedes principle used in elephant calf rescue and much more..

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Trending in TN: Camouflaged lizard in picture, Archimedes principle used in elephant calf rescue and much more..


Picture at US park goes viral after user asks netizens to spot camouflaged lizard
A seemingly unassuming photo taken at the Dinosaur National Monument in the US went viral after a user shared the picture, while posing a challenge too. PhD student Earyn McGee, who already is popular for posting different pictures of lizards hiding and challenging followers to find it, this time shared a photo clicked by an individual at the dinosaur park and followed routine by asking netizens to spot the reptile, this time a common sagebrush lizard. Sparking interest, netizens quickly attempted to spot the camouflaged reptile and be counted among those proud ones achieving the feat. While there were those who struggled, Earyn revealing the lizard soon enough had them profess their continued love for her #FindThatLizard challenge.
Forest officials lauded for invoking Archimedes in rescue op of elephant calf
The internet is all praise for Jharkhand Forest department officials, especially their application of physics laws to rescue an elephant calf stuck inside a well in the State’s Gumla district. The officials, upon being alerted by villagers of the calf inside the well, plunged into action. The rescue operation that reportedly lasted for three hours saw the calf being rescued using the upward buoyant force theory. Applying the Archimedes principle, the rescue team filled the well with water using motorised pipes so that the stranded elephant floated to the top of the well and could climb out through a ramp that was set for it there. Pictures of the operation understandably went viral, with many netizens lauding the Forest officials’ application of scientific knowledge.
Musician’s toddler called artiste of the decade online after first solo on dinos
A “nearly 4-year-old” girl’s song on dinosaurs has made the internet declare her to be the artist of the decade. The first solo creation by the daughter of British singer Tom Rosenthal, Fenn, has all the lyrics composed by her and the only thing her daughter assisted with are said to be the tune and arrangement. The song, titled ‘Dinosaurs in love’ starting about the creatures having “party” and enjoying “fruits and cucumbers”, however has a tragic end. “A big bang came; And they died; Dinosaurs dinosaurs fell in love; But they didn’t say good bye,” Fenn goes on to sing. While her song made many, including the Natural History Museum, state being teary-eyed from the song, many netizens made calls on for the child to win a Grammy.

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